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The Department of Science and Technology Experts Contact directory is designed to help you find and contact people with a particular
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field of expertise. We have included address, e-mail, telephone, fax numbers where possible. This directory is constantly being updated.
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HERDIN is a specialized network of documentation and information centers engaged in health research and development
Integrates the four databases (Scientist, Foreign Analytics, Filipiniana, and Institutions) to
activities with a vision of improving the flow of health-related information in the country and to make information available and accessible to the users in the health community. Over 27,000 records of published research articles from 137 health journals and publications from 1906-2001 and 7,000 unpublished R&D reports.
provide a dynamic information for reference. The system enables researchers to access publications abstracts and bibliographic information online.
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The Marine Information and Data Archive System was initiated in 1999 by UPMSI and DOST-PCAMRD under the South China Sea
ONLINE DATABASES are for exclusive use of DOST IV personnel and registered users only. It is mainly
Research program. After the project ended, MIDAS was maintained by the Marine Science Institute getting support from various projects and agencies.
designed to store and manage particular information on its different databases through online data submission.

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