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DOST ScINET-PHIL is a national network of specialized information systems and services in Science and Technology aimed at supporting the information requirements of the various users at the national, regional, and international levels.

WHEREAS, the Philippines strives to be an internationally recognized country in terms of S & T information services;

WHEREAS, S & T is recognized as a vital component for national development;

WHEREAS, the national information infrastructures and services are necessary to support the national development programs;

WHEREAS, the Department of Science and Technology is mandated “to play a key role in the application of science and technology to support socio-economic growth”;

WHEREAS, the libraries and information centers contribute significantly to the effective implementation of S & T development strategies;

WHEREAS, the DOST agency libraries and information centers and those information units in other sectors needs to be sustained to be fully effective in supporting the S & T priority programs;

WHEREAS, the DOST agencies and other information centers shall continuously contribute to the ScINET-Phil datacenter using the DOST-Scinet- Phil Integrated Library Management System (SILMS);

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, herein below contained, the parties herein do hereby, and by this instrument, expressly and mutually agree to establish a nationwide DOST Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (DOST ScINET-PHIL) with the following objectives:

General Objectives:

To promote and improve the flow and use of S & T information through active resource sharing and networking among DOST agencies and S & T institutions in the country.

Strategies for Development:

DOST ScINET-PHIL will make S & T information available and accessible.

DOST ScINET-PHIL will work towards the following:

- Develop information products and services in simple and high-technology formats that are responsive to users requirements;

- Enhance collection, storage and retrieval of multimedia information materials;

- Upgrade facilities to ease access to information;

- Expand linkages with other information networks;

- Develop human resources capability for information and related work; and

- Mobilize and generate local, national, and external resources to sustain DOST ScINET-PHIL operations and growth.

Mechanism of Implementation:

• DOST ScINET-PHIL works on the principle of participative management

• Management works at two levels:

1. The Board of Advisers headed by Usec. for S & T Services and members are all directors of DOST system.

2. Executive Committee (EXECOM) the policy making body composed of the Chair (STII Director) and Vice Chair (FPRDI Director) and the Technical Representatives.

• The Science and Technology Information Institute (STII) serves as the lead Secretariat. The secretariat may include members from other DOST agencies.

Copyright (C) 2002 The Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (SCINET-PHIL)