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There are 18 available Holdings based on Calamansi
  Calamansi juice extractor developed  (PCARRD)
  Calamansi juice as solvent for plastics  (PSHS)
  Calamansi as ornamental plant  (STII)
  Citrus microcarpa peel extract as active ingredient for liquid hand wash  (STII)
  Complete fertilizer is best for calamansi  (STII)
  Development of probiotic vegetable juice fortified with Lactobacillus plantarum BS  (STII)
  Development of vegetable juice blends using aromatic tropical fruits as flavor enhancers 2006  (PCHRD)
  The effect of Citrus Microcarpa bunge (calamansi) pure fruit extract on the serum cholesterol level of diet-induced hypercholesterolemic rabbits.  (STII)
  Extraction and characterization phenolic antioxidants from calamansi peel, coffee husk and cacao pod husk  (STII)
  There is gold in calamansi  ()
  Katas ng pinaghalong guyabano, mangga at kalamansi  (PCARRD)
  Miniature orange with a big punch  (STII)
  Phenology of shoot and fruit development of Calamansi (Citrus x microcarpa Bunge) as influenced by fertilizer and Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) treatment  (STII)
  Pilot scale production of USP grade pectin from calamansi fruit wastes  (PCHRD)
  Preliminary screening of Citrus microcarpa (calamansi) seed oil extract as a potential larvicide against Aedes aegypti: a dengue fever mosquito  (PCHRD)
  Situation report on selected fruit crops. January-December 2008  (FNRI)
  Storage studies on calamansi fruits  (ITDI)
  Tomboy calamansi  (PCARRD)
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