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There are 1033 available Holdings based on Children
  “Honey, you’re jumping about”—Mothers’ scaffolding of their children’s and adolescents’ life narration  (STII)
  "Brain attack" in children  (STII)
  A 210-umol dose of vitamin A provides more prolonged impact on vitamin A status than 105 umol among preschool children  (FNRI)
  Abdominal tumors in Filipino infants and children  (STII)
  Academic performance of Korean children is associated with dietary behaviours and physical status  (FNRI)
  The acceptance and intake of bulk-reduced weaning foods: the Luganga village study  (FNRI)
  Accuracy of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry for body-composition measurements in children  (FNRI)
  The accuracy of the voiding dysfunction clinical scoring instrument (VD-CSI) in diagnosing voiding dysfunction in children 3-10 years of age  (PCHRD)
  The acute-phase protein response to infection in edematous and nonedematous protein-energy malnutrition  (FNRI)
  Addendum to: recommended height and weight standards for Filipinos  (STII)
  Adenomatous polyps of the colon and rectum in oriental children  (STII)
  The administrative aspects of programmes to protect the pre-school child  (STII)
  The use of aerosolized prostacyclin analogue (Iloprost) in the prevention of post-operative pulmonary hypertensive crisis among children with left-to-right shunts and moderate to severe pulmonary artery hypertension   (PCHRD)
  Age, sex, ethnicity, body composition, and resting energy expenditure of obese African American and white children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Age-dependent changes in thiamin concentrations in whole blood and cerebrospinal fluid in infants and children  (FNRI)
  Age-Related Changes in Long-Term Average Spectra
of Children’s Voices
  An AgemRe~a~ed Dissociation Between
Knowing Rules and Using Them
  Airtight Drainage of Non-Tuberculous Empyema  (STII)
  Alanine-based oral rehydration solution: Assessment of efficacy in acute noncholera diarrhea among children  (FNRI)
  Allergic diseases in children : urticaria and angioedema  (STII)
  Allergies in children  (PCHRD)
  Allergies in children  (PCHRD)
  Alterations in growth and body composition during puberty. IV. Energy intake estimated by the youth-adolescent food-frequency questionnaire: validation by the doubly labeled water method  (FNRI)
  Altered lipid profile, lipoprotein composition, and oxidant and antioxidant status in pediatric Crohn disease  (FNRI)
  Altered membrane phospholipid and essential fatty acid status in children with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  Anaemia in Central Asia: Demographic and health survey experience  (FNRI)
  An analysis of cardiovascular diseases (all causes) in Region 8 for the past ten years (1991-2000)  (PCHRD)
  An analysis of UTI cases at EVRMC from 1991-2000  (PCHRD)
  Anesthesia awareness in pediatric patients  (PCHRD)
  Anion-exchanger 1 (AE1, SLC4A1) mutations among Filipino children with distal renal tubular acidosis  (PCHRD)
  Annular pustular psoriasis in a 6-year-old child  (STII)
  Anthelmintic treatment of rural Bangladeshi children: effect on host physiology, growth, and biochemical status  (FNRI)
  Anthropometric characteristics of Mohawk children aged 6 to 11 years: a population perspective  (FNRI)
  Anthropometric measurements of public elementary school students in district IV of Manila  (STII)
  Anthropometry-based reference values for 24-h urinary creatinine excretion during growth and their use in endocrine and nutritional research  (FNRI)
  Antimicrobials in developing countries  (PCHRD)
  Antipoverty Effects of Public Income Transfers on Children  (STII)
  Appetite suppression and growth in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder taking psychostimulant medications  (FNRI)
  An Approach to the diagnosis of the surgical abdomen in infants and children  (STII)
  An approach to providing dietary and physical-activity diary instruction to adolescent girls enrolled in a longitudinal study: the national heart, lung and blood institute growth and health study  (FNRI)
  Assessing the Condition of Children  (STII)
  Assessing dietary compliance of hypercholesterolemic children enrolled in a soy supplementation study  (FNRI)
  Assessing dietary compliance of hypercholesterolemic children enrolled in a soy supplementation study  (FNRI)
  Assessing diets of children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Assessment of consumption of vitamin A-rich foods in Niger with the Helen Keller International food-frequency method  (FNRI)
  Assessment of iron status in children and adolescents with crohn's disease: value of basic red cell ferritin  (FNRI)
  Assessment of nutritional status of children under five years of age, pregnant women, and lactating women living in relief camps after the tsunami in Sri Lanka  (FNRI)
  The Assessment of Variables Related to the Parenting Behavior of Mothers With Young Children  (STII)
  Assessment of vitamin A status with the relative-dose-response test in Peruvian children recovering from pnumonia  (FNRI)
  Association of body mass index and bronchial asthma in children at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital out-patient department  (PCHRD)
  Association of developmental quotients and frequency of one-on-one intervention among children diagnosed with autism at De La Salle University - Neurodevelopmental Center  (PCHRD)
  Association between family variables and Mexican American children's dietary behaviors  (FNRI)
  Association between fruit and vegetable consumption in mothers and children in low-income, urban neighborhoods  (STII)
  The association of hyperactivity with television viewing in children age 4 to 6 years  (PCHRD)
  Association between protein intake and 1-y wieght and height gains in Bangladeshi children aged 3-11 y  (FNRI)
  The association of self-perceived weight status of US teens with reporting of foods, nutrients and biomarkers: the third national health and nutrition examination survey (NHANES III), 1988-1994  (FNRI)
  Association of skin test reactivity to aeroallergens and asthma severity in children aged 5 years old and below seen at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital Children's Asthma Unit  (STII)
  Association of skin test reactivity to aeroallergens and asthma severity in children aged 5 years old and below seen at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital Childrens Asthma Unit  (PCHRD)
  Association of skin test reactivity to aeroallergens and asthma severity in children aged 5 years old and below seen at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital Childrens Asthma Unit  (PCHRD)
  Associations between selected hygiene characteristics and urinary tract infections among children aged 6-12 years in Metro Manila  (PCHRD)
  Associations between selected hygiene characteristics and urinary tract infections among children aged 6-12 years in Metro Manila  (PCHRD)
  Asymmetric dimethylarginine is negatively correlated with hyperglycemia in children  (STII)
  Asymmetrical switch costs in children  (STII)
  Atherosclerosis: a pediatric problem?  (FNRI)
  Atopic index and mean wheal diameter of allergy skin test responses in children with allergic respiratory diseases  (STII)
  Attaining global health  (STII)
  Attitudes of Children With Dysphonia  (STII)
  Authentic Empowerment for Children  (STII)
  Autoimmune hepatitis associated with anti-actin antibodies in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Basis of Income Support for Children: A Time for Chang  (STII)
  Behavior disorders among Filipino school children with chronic central nervous system diseases  (STII)
  Behavioral Problems of Special Needs Adopted Children  (STII)
  Behavioral and Socioemotional Outcomes Through Age 5 Years of the Legacy for Children Public Health Approach to Improving Developmental Outcomes Among Children Born Into Poverty  (PCHRD)
  Does beverage intake by children predict weight status?  (FNRI)
  Biobehavioral factors are associated with obesity in Puerto Rican children  (FNRI)
  Bioefficacy of B-carotene dissolved in oil studied in children in Indonesia  (FNRI)
  Biomonitoring of perfluorinated compounds in children and adults exposed to perfluorooctanoate-contaminated drinking water  (STII)
  Blood pressure nomograms among healthy Filipino school children ages 5-8 years studying in Aurora A. Quezon Elementary School, Malate, Manila  (PCHRD)
  Blood pressure response to sodium in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Blunt abdominal injuries in children  (STII)
  body composition, dietary intake, and energy expenditure in nonobese, prepubertal children of obese and nonobese biological mothers  (FNRI)
  Body composition, resting metabolic rate, and energy requirements of short-and normal-stature, low-income Guatemalan children  (FNRI)
  Body composition in 5-18-y-old obese children and adolescents before and after weight reduction as assessed by deuterium dilution and bioelectrical impedance analysis  (FNRI)
  Body composition in 5-18-y-old obese children and adolescents before and after weight reduction as assessed by deuterium dilution and bioelectrical impedance analysis  (FNRI)
  Body composition in children: proposal for a method for calculating body fat percentage from total body density or skinfold-thickness measurements  (FNRI)
  Body composition in children with celiac disease and the effects of a gluten-free diet: a prospective case-control study  (FNRI)
  Body composition in children with sickle cell disease  (FNRI)
  Body composition in HIV-infected children: relations with disease progression and survival  (FNRI)
  Body-composition measurement in 9-11-y-old children by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, skinfold-thickness measurements, and bioimpedance analysis  (FNRI)
  Body composition of a young, multiethnic, male population  (FNRI)
  Body composition of a young, multiethnic female population  (FNRI)
  Body fat distribution and plasma lipids in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Body fat percentages measured by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry corresponding to recently recommended body mass index cutoffs for overweight and obesity in children and adolescents aged 3-18 y  (FNRI)
  Body mass index at diagnosis and one-year post diagnosis for children and adolescents with type 2 diabetes mellitus  (FNRI)
  Body mass index and height from childhood to adulthood in the 1958 British birth cohort  (FNRI)
  Body mass index and waist circumference in childhood and adverse cardiovascular disease risk clustering in adolescence  (FNRI)
  Bone mineral and calcium accretion during puberty  (FNRI)
  Bone mineral content and dietary calcium intake in children prescirbed a low-lactose diet  (FNRI)
  Bowel habits of narmal Thai children  (FNRI)
  Brain function and malnutrition  (STII)
  Breakfast glycemic index affects subsequent daily energy intake in free-living healthy children  (FNRI)
  Breast-feeding is associated with improved growth in length, but not weight, in rural Senegalese toddlers  (FNRI)
  Breast-feeding status alters the effect of vitamin A treatment during acute diarrhea in children  (FNRI)
  Breastfeeding duration and obesity in low-income, four-year-old children  (FNRI)
  Breastfeeding education program with incentives increases exclusive breastfeeding among urban WIC participants  (FNRI)
  Broken promises :  (NRCP)
  Calcium absorption efficiency and calcium requirements in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Calcium balance in 1-4-y-old children  (FNRI)
  Calcium and magnesium balance in 9-14-y-old children  (FNRI)
  The Care Careers of Long-stay Children: The Contribution of New Theoretical Approaches  (STII)
  Care and nutrition  (STII)
  Care and nutrition  (STII)
  Caregiver behaviors and resources influence child height-for-age in rural chad  (FNRI)
  Caregivers' knowledge and practices on complementary feeding and its determinants: implications to infants and young children's nutritional status  (FNRI)
  Caregivers' perceptions of children's weight and obesity-related problems  (STII)
  Caretaker-child interaction during childrens 24-hour dietary recalls: who contributes what to the recall record?  (FNRI)
  Caring for Children at the Poverty Line  (STII)
  Case problem: dietary treatment for children with hyperlipidemias  (FNRI)
  A Case report of purpura fulminans associated with Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome  (STII)
  A Case of severe renal rickets observed in the Philippines  (STII)
  Central somatosensory conduction time in severely growth-stunted children  (FNRI)
  Change in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among young Australians, 1969-1997  (FNRI)
  Changes in body composition of malnourished children after dietary supplementation as measured by bioelectrical impedance  (FNRI)
  Characteristics and Outcomes of Drug-Exposed and Non Drug-Exposed Children in Kinship and Non-Relative Foster Care  (STII)
  Child development and long-term outcomes  (STII)
  Child's gender and household food insecurity are associated with stunting among young Pakistani children residing in urban squatter settlements  (FNRI)
  Child survival :  (STII)
  Child survival :  (STII)
  Child survival :  (STII)
  Child survival profile: the Philippines  (STII)
  Childhood obesity associated with the excessive consumption of soft drinks and fruit juices  (FNRI)
  Children, Migration and Citizenship in the European Union: Intra-Community Mobility and the Status of Children in EC Law  (STII)
  The Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995: Considerations of the Legislative, Economic and Political, Organizational and Social Policy Contexts  (STII)
  Children and adolescents identity food concerns, forbidden foods, and food-related beliefs  (FNRI)
  Children aged 6 to 60 months in Nepal may require a vitamin A supplement regardless of dietary intake from plant and animal food sources  (FNRI)
  Children Of Alcohol Misusers And School Performance Outcomes  (STII)
  Children and Family Policy in Europe  (STII)
  Children in foster care: are they at nutritional risk?  (FNRI)
  Children and household economic activity in Laguna, Philippines  (STII)
  Children in Kinship Care: How Do They Fare?  (STII)
  Children playing and learning  (STII)
  Children in Residential Treatment - Policies for the ’90s  (STII)
  Children’s choice strategies: the effects
of age and task demands
  Children’s decision making: the effects of
training, reinforcement, and memory aids
  Children’s learning from contrast modelling  (STII)
  Children’s Representational Theory
of Language:The Problem of
Opaque Contexts
  Children’s solutions of logical versus
empirical problems: What’s missing
and what develops?
  Children's awareness of additives in food  (STII)
  Children's dietary fat intake and fat practices vary by meal and day  (FNRI)
  Children's food consumption patterns have changed over two decades: the Bogalusa heart study  (FNRI)
  Children's food preferences and genetic sensitivity to the bitter taste of 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP)  (FNRI)
  Children's meal companions impact selected food consumption variables  (FNRI)
  Children in Self-Care: An Examination of Research Confounds  (STII)
  Children and the sphere standard on mental and social aspects of health  (STII)
  Children in the strategy of development  (STII)
  Children of the Streets of Mexico  (STII)
  Children in Substitute Care: Some Conceptual Considerations and Research Implications  (STII)
  Children Who Wait: Long Term Foster Care or Adoption?  (STII)
  Children Who Witness Women Battering: Concerns and Dilemmas in the Construction of a Social Problem  (STII)
  Childrens visiting in a maternity hospital  (STII)
  China's Children of Smoke  (STII)
  Choking prevention: the key to childhood safety  (FNRI)
  Choledochal cyst  (STII)
  Cholesterol precursors and plant sterols in children with food allergy  (FNRI)
  Chromium and parenteral nutrition in children  (FNRI)
  Chronic myelogenous leukemia in children  (STII)
  Clinical aspects and adrenal functions in eleven Japanese children with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy.  (STII)
  Clinical experiences with Cefazolin in children  (STII)
  Clinical experiences with N(pyrrolidinomethyl) tetracycline nitrate in bacterial infections in children  (STII)
  Clinical manifestations of nutritional copper deficiency in infants and children  (FNRI)
  Clinical practice guidelines in the approach and treatment of urinary tract infection in children  (PCHRD)
  Clinical practice guidelines on chronic cough in the pedatric population  (PCHRD)
  Clinical practice guidelines on first simple febrile seizure  (PCHRD)
  A Clinical profile of children ages eight years and below who had appendectomy at MCU Hospital from January 1995 to December 1999  (PCHRD)
  Clinical profile of mental retardation among Filipino children in a tertiary referral center 1998-2001  (PCHRD)
  Clinical profile and outcome of pediatric patients aged 0-13 years old who underwent surgery for intestinal obstruction in Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center from 2008-2011  (PCHRD)
  Clinical profile and outcome of pediatric patients with anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome in a tertiary referral center: A 5 year retrospective study  (PCHRD)
  A clinical profile of patients with Kawasaki disease admitted at Manila Doctors Hospital from January 2000-June 2003  (PCHRD)
  The clinical profile of retinoblastoma in 73 Filipino children: The Philippine General Hospital experience and its implication in developing strategies for intervention  (PCHRD)
  The clinical profile of retinoblastoma in 73 Filipino children: The Philippine General Hospital experience and its implication in developing strategies for intervention  (PCHRD)
  Clinical Profile and Treatment Outcome of Culture-negative Infective Endocarditis in Children at UP-PGH  (STII)
  Clinical and psychosocial correlates of ADHD in a hospital setting: a preliminary study  (PCHRD)
  Clinical spectra of primary nephrotic glomerulopathies: a comparative analysis based on 102 biopsied children  (PCHRD)
  Clinical studies of mineral metabolism in children using stable isotopes  (FNRI)
  Clinical trials with triamcinolone in pediatrics  (STII)
  Clinico-pathologic profile and outcome of rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis in children: A 5 year experience  (PCHRD)
  Closed reduction of Gartland's Type III supracondylar humeral fractures in children: Casting vs percutaneous pinning  (PCHRD)
  Co-existence of anemia, vitamin A deficiency and growth retardation among children 24-84 months old in Maracaibo, Venezuela  (FNRI)
  Co-existence of anemia, vitamin A deficiency and growth retardation among children 24-84 months old in Maracaibo, Venezuela  (FNRI)
  Co-occurrence of developmental disorders: The case of
Developmental Dyscalculia
  Cockroach allergy in Filipino children with asthma and allergic rhinitis  (STII)
  Cofortification of iron-fortified flour with zinc sulfate, but not zinc oxide, decreases iron absorption in Indonesian children  (FNRI)
  A cognitive model of children's reporting of food intake  (FNRI)
  Common endocrine disorders in childhood  (STII)
  Community-based controlled trial of dietary management of children with persistent diarrhea: sustained beneficial effect on ponderal and linear growth  (FNRI)
  Community-level micronutrient fortification of a food supplement in India: a controlled trial in preschool children aged 36-66 mo  (FNRI)
  A community based tuberculosis control program in children   (PCHRD)
  Comparative study on the effect of maternal social capital on the nutritional status of children 6-24 months old in urban and rural communities  (STII)
  Comparative study on the effect of maternal social capital on the nutritional status of children 6-24 months old in urban and rural communities  (STII)
  A comparative study on the effectiveness of a 3-day and 7-day steroid regimen in the treatment of asthma exacerbation in children 2-10 years of age  (PCHRD)
  A comparative study on the effectiveness of oral cotrimoxazole vs permethrin shampoo in the treatment of headlice infestation among Filipino children in an orphanage in Metro Manila  (PCHRD)
  A comparative study on medical care for children in school for the handicapped in japan united states  (STII)
  Comparison of the anxiety levels in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and their well siblings using the child drawing  (STII)
  Comparison between bambuterol oral solution and terbutaline syrup in the management of intermittent bronchial asthma in mild to moderate exacerbation  (PCHRD)
  Comparison of convenient indicators of obesity  (FNRI)
  Comparison of energy intake by semiquantitive food-frequency questionaire with total energy expenditure by the doubly labeled water method in young children  (FNRI)
  Comparison of energy prediction equations with measured resting energy expenditure in children with sickle cell anemia  (FNRI)
  Comparison of food security status of households in rural Appalachia with children in a private daycare center versus head start  (FNRI)
  A comparison of the nutritional status of 0-59 month-old Filipino children using Philippine and international reference standards  (STII)
  A comparison on pain and anxiety levels between the wand and the traditional syringe among 6 to 8 year old children from Philippine Christian University  (PCHRD)
  Comparison of total energy expenditure and energy intake in children aged 6-9 y  (FNRI)
  Comparison of visual estimates of children's portion sizes under both shared-plate and individual-plate conditions  (FNRI)
  The use of complementary and alternative health care among children of the hospital staff and parents at the outpatient department of The Medical City  (PCHRD)
  Complementary feeding vital to nutrition of infants and young children  (STII)
  Computer-assisted intervention for children with low
numeracy skills
  Concentrations of riboflavin and related organic acids in children with protein-energy malnutrition  (FNRI)
  The Concept of Children In Need: The Answer or the Problem for Family Support?  (STII)
  The concept and objective of healathy upbringing of children  (FNRI)
  Conjunctival impression cytology fails to detect subclinical vitamin A deficiency in young children  (FNRI)
  Conscious sedation using rectal midazolam prior to suturing uncomplicated lacerated wounds in children  (STII)
  Considerations in planning vegan diets: children  (FNRI)
  Contaminated food: a major cause of diarrhoea and associated malnutrition among infants and young children  (FNRI)
  Controlling seizures in children with developmental disabilities: An overview  (PCHRD)
  Controversies in pediatric therapeutics  (PCHRD)
  Correlates of individual differences in body-composition changes resulting from physical training in obese children  (FNRI)
  Correlation between atopic diseases and tuberculin response among Filipino children seen at UST hospital section of allergy  (STII)
  Correlation of nasal smear eosinophilia with severity classification of allergic rhinitis among Filipino children  (STII)
  Courts, Kin, and Children: Determinants of Court-Ordered Kin Involvement in Child Protection Proceedings  (STII)
  [ Cr ] EDTA intestinal permeability in children with cow's milk intolerance  (FNRI)
  Critical periods in childhood for the development of obesity  (FNRI)
  Cross-calibration of fat and lean measurements by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry to pig carcass analysis in the pediatric body weight range  (FNRI)
  Cross-cultural patterns of growth and nutritional status of breast-fed infants  (FNRI)
  A cross-sectional study of dental caries, intake of confectionery and foods rich in starch and sugars, and salivary counts of Streptococcus mutans in children in Spain  (FNRI)
  A cross-sectional study about meaning access
processes for homographs
  Crucial role of nutrition in education: The Kenya experience  (FNRI)
  Curbing illegal cigarette sales to children: an assessment of an initiative in Sandwell  (STII)
  Current Treatment of Childhood Bronchial Asthma Based on the Guidelines  (STII)
  Cysteine: a conditionally essential amino acid in low-birth-weight preterm infants?  (FNRI)
  Daily energy expenditure in free-living children : comparison of heart-rate monitoring with the doubly labeled water (H2O) method  (FNRI)
  Daily energy expenditure in free-living children: comparison of heart-rate monitoring with the doubly labeled water (H2O) method  (FNRI)
  Daily physical activity patterns in obese children engaged in a physical activity program: a pilot study  (FNRI)
  Decreased bone mineral density in children with phenylketonuria  (FNRI)
  Decreased stature associated with moderate blood lead concentrations in Mexican children  (FNRI)
  Defining nutrition service needs for children with special health care needs : Focus group approach  (FNRI)
  The depiction of children as scholars in packaged food commercials  (FNRI)
  Depressed immune response to tetanus in children with vitamin A deficiency  (FNRI)
  Determinants of body composition measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in Dutch children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Determinants of dietary intake of pre school children (3 years old) in Mayondon, Los Banos Laguna  (FNRI)
  Determinants of micronutrient status of zero to five year old children and pregnant and lactating women using the 1998 national nutrition survey  (STII)
  Determinants of micronutrient status of zero to five year old children and pregnant and lactating women using the 1998 National Nutrition Survey  (PCHRD)
  Determinants of nutrient intake among children and adolescents: results from the enKid study  (FNRI)
  Determinants of Self-Care Arrangements among School-Age Children  (STII)
  Developing Early Childhood Programs for Children and Families at Risk: Research- Based Principles to Promote Long-term Effectiveness  (STII)
  Developing and implementing food-based dietary guidance for fat in the diets of children  (FNRI)
  Developing and Transferring Behavioral
Technologies for Children and Youth
  The development of categorical and coordinate
spatial relations
  The development of the concept
of multiplication
  Development of eating behaviors among children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Development and evaluation of a consortium to support a school-based community nutrition education program in the rural Arkansas Delta  (FNRI)
  Development of food preferences  (FNRI)
  Development of physical activity behaviors among children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Developmental changes in judgments of authentic objects  (STII)
  Developmental zinc deficiency and behavior  (FNRI)
  On the Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hepatomegalies and splenomegalies in childhood  (STII)
  The diagnostic value of the gliadin antibody test in celiac disease in children : A prospective study  (FNRI)
  Diet composition and body composition in preschool children  (FNRI)
  Diet quality affects the playground activities of Kenyan children  (FNRI)
  Diet supplemented with MCT oil in the management of chilhood diarrhea  (FNRI)
  Dietary adherence in children with familial hypercholesterolemia  (FNRI)
  A dietary education program for hypercholesterolemic children and their parents  (FNRI)
  Dietary fat and cholesterol questionnaire for use with young children  (FNRI)
  Dietary fat intake and body mass index in Spanish children  (FNRI)
  Dietary fat intakes in infants and primary school children in Germany  (FNRI)
  Dietary fats and cholesterol in Italia infants and children  (FNRI)
  Dietary guidelines for children: Where are we heading?  (FNRI)
  Dietary intake at child-care centers and away: are parents and care providers working as partners or at cross-purposes?  (FNRI)
  Dietary intake and food sources of whole grains among US children and adolescents: Data from the 1994-1996 continuing survey of food intakes by individuals  (FNRI)
  Dietary protein, growth and urea kinetics in severely malnourished children and during recovery  (FNRI)
  Dietary studies in countries experiencing a health transition: Mexico and Central America  (FNRI)
  Differences in associations of familial and nutritional factors with serum lipids between boys and girls: the Luxembourg child study  (FNRI)
  Differences in the relation of obesity to serum triacylglycerol and VLDL subclass concentrations between black and white children: the Bogalusa heart study  (FNRI)
  Differential emergence of representational systems:
Drawings, letters, and numerals
  On Diffuse scleroderma in childhood  (STII)
  Direct observation of dietary intake in Nepalese children  (FNRI)
  Disappearance of IgM antibodies to hepatitis A virus after an acute infection in children and adolescent  (FNRI)
  Double-blind controlled calcium supplementation and bone mineral accretion in children accustomed to a low-calcium diet  (FNRI)
  The dragnet of children's feeding programs in Atlantic Canada  (STII)
  Dual fortification of salt with iodine and microencapsulated iron: a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial in Moroccan shoolchildren  (FNRI)
  E-learning: A nutritionally ripe environment  (FNRI)
  Early childhood anemia and mild or moderate mental retardation  (FNRI)
  How early dietary factors modify the effect of rapid weight gain in infancy on subsequent body-composition development in term children whose birth weight was appropriate for gestational age  (FNRI)
  Early feeding of an energy dense diet during acute shigellosis-enhances growth in malnourished children  (FNRI)
  The economic costs of children in the Philippines  (STII)
  Educational Programs and Policies to Care for Our Children  (STII)
  Effect of calcium supplementation on bone mineral accretion in Gambian children accustomed to a low-calcium diet  (FNRI)
  Effect of daily vs twice weekly iron supplementation in Indonesian preschool children with low iron status  (FNRI)
  The effect of dibencozide on the nutritional status of children with developmental disabilities: A randomized, double - blind, placebo-controlled trial  (PCHRD)
  Is There an Effect of Dysphonic Teachers’ Voices on
Children’s Processing of Spoken Language?
  The effect of family structure on a sample of malnourished urban Nigerian children  (FNRI)
  Effect of gluten-free diet on bone mineral content in growing patients with celiac disease  (FNRI)
  Effect of hemolysis on serum retinol as assessed by direct fluorometry  (FNRI)
  The effect of inguinal block and rectal paracetamol on the emergence characteristics after desflurane anesthesia in children for herniotomy  (PCHRD)
  Effect of linoleic acid intake on growth of infants with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  Effect of low-glycemic-index dietary advice on dietary quality and food choice in children with type 1 diabetes  (FNRI)
  The effect of milk consumption on growth in children with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  Effect of a multiple-micronutrient-fortified fruit powder beverage on the nutrition status, physical fitness, and cognitive performance of schoolchildren in the Philippines  (FNRI)
  Effect of nutrition and illness on the growth and development of Filipino children (O-4 years) in a rural setting  (STII)
  The Effect of Questioning on Young
Children’s Memory for an Event
  Effect of sedentary activities on resting metabolic rate  (FNRI)
  Effect of supplemental zinc on the growth and serum zinc concentrations of prepubertal children: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials  (FNRI)
  The Effect of Unemployment on Children and Adolescents  (STII)
  The effect of vaccination on children's physical and cognitive development in the Philippines  (PCHRD)
  Effect of yogurt on symptoms and kinetics of hydrogen production in lactose-malabsorbing children  (FNRI)
  Effect of zinc supplementation on growth and body composition in children with sickle cell disease  (FNRI)
  The effect of zinc supplementation on weight and height of children on anti-tuberculosis treatment in a community  (PCHRD)
  The effectiveness of oral rehydration solution plus zinc versi plain oral rehydration solution in the management of acul diarrhea: A randomized placebo controlled trial  (PCHRD)
  The effects of breakfast content on cognition in children  (FNRI)
  Effects of a controlled trial of a school-based exercise program on the obesity indexes of preschool children  (FNRI)
  Effects of discontinuing coffee intake on iron status of iron-deficient Guatemalan toddlers: a randomized intervention study  (FNRI)
  Effects of family history of heart disease, apolipoprotein E phenotype, and lipoprotein(a) on the response of children's plasma lipids to change in dietary lipids  (FNRI)
  Effects of health and nutrition on cognitive and behavioural development in children in the first three years of life. Part 1: Low birthweight, breastfeeding, and protein-energy malnutrition  (FNRI)
  Effects of health and nutrition on cognitive and behavioural development in children in the first three years of life. Part 2: Infections and micronutrient deficiencies: Iodine, iron, and zinc  (FNRI)
  Effects of a nonenergy fat substitute on children's energy and macronutrient intake  (FNRI)
  Effects of physical training and its cessation on the hemostatic system of obese children  (FNRI)
  Effects of prospective, randomized cholesterol-lowering dietary intervention and apolipoprotein E phenotype on serum lipoprotein(a) concentrations of infants aged 7-24 mo  (FNRI)
  Effects of Prototypicality on Categorization
in I- to 2-Year-Olds: Getting Down to Basic
  The effects of single and dual representations on
children’s gesture production
  The effects of stabilized chlorine-dioxide gel in the treatment of aphthous ulcerative conditions in children  (PCHRD)
  The effects of television advertisements for junk food versus nutritious food on children's food attitudes and preferences  (STII)
  Efficacy of albumin-post infusion furosemide and albumin-furosemide incorporation in decreasing nephrotic edema in children  (PCHRD)
  Efficacy of cryosupernate-furosemide and albumin-furosemide infusion in decreasing nephrotic edema in children   (PCHRD)
  Efficacy of domperidone in infants and children with gastroesophageal reflux  (FNRI)
  Efficacy and safety of a novel tetravalent dengue vaccine in healthy children aged 2 to 14 years in Asia  (PCHRD)
  Efficacy of single-dose intravenous immunoglobulin as adjunctive therapy for very severe pneumonia in children  (STII)
  Eicosanoids content in small intestinal mucosa of children with celiac disease  (FNRI)
  Emotionally and Behaviorally Disturbed Children in the Child Welfare System: Points of Preventive Intervention  (STII)
  Endemic goiter with iodine sufficiency: a possible role for the consumption of pearl millet in the etiology of endemic goiter  (FNRI)
  Endoscopic removal of inflammatory esophagogastric polyps in children  (FNRI)
  Energy density of a snack is related to 5-year-old girl's increase in body mass index (BMI)  (FNRI)
  Does energy expenditure affect changes in body fat in children?  (FNRI)
  Energy expenditure in preadolescent African American and white boys and girls: the Baton Rouge children's study  (FNRI)
  Energy expenditure of stunted and nonstunted boys and girls living in the shantytowns of Sao Paulo, Brazil  (FNRI)
  Energy intake and resting metabolic rate in preschool Jamaican children with homozygous sickle cell disease  (FNRI)
  (enhanced-Bing) Risk factors of child injury  (PCHRD)
  (enhanced-Bing) Risk factors of child injury  (PCHRD)
  (enhanced-Bing) Risk factors of child injury  (PCHRD)
  Ensuring healthy and well-nourished children  (FNRI)
  Environmental influences on methods used to collect dietary data from children  (FNRI)
  Epidemiology of elbow injuries in children at Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center  (PCHRD)
  The Erythrocyte sedimentation rate and congestive heart failure in Filipino children with rheumatic heart disease  (STII)
  Some essentials of pediatric surgical care  (STII)
  Establishment of a mucin-degrading intestinal microflora during the first two years of human life  (FNRI)
  Estimating the nutrient of young children with a food-frequency questionnaire  (FNRI)
  Ethics in studies on children and environmental health  (STII)
  Evaluation of body fat in fatter and leaner 10-y-old African American and white children: the Baton Rouge children's study  (FNRI)
  Evaluation of a farmer's market nutrition curriculum for participants of the Butte County special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children  (FNRI)
  Evaluation of the impact of weaning food messages on infant feeding practices and child growth in rural Bangladesh  (FNRI)
  An evaluation of MCM as a high protein food  (FNRI)
  Evaluation of methodology for nutritional assessment in children: anthropometry, body composition, and energy expenditure  (FNRI)
  Evaluation of a mixed-model teleconference approach for distance education in nutrition and dietetics  (FNRI)
  An evaluation of the National Tuberculosis Program using directly observed treatment short course in children 0-14 years old as implemented in XU-CHCC and NMMC, Cagayan de Oro City, 2007-2011  (PCHRD)
  Evaluation of a nutrition education program in primary schools  (FNRI)
  Evaluation of protein quality  (FNRI)
  Evaluation of waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, and the conicity index as screening tools for high trunk fat mass, as measured by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, in children aged 3-19 y  (FNRI)
  Evaluations of the Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children’s ( WIG’s) Effectiveness  (STII)
  Evaluation of the protein and other nutrient intake of two hundred two pre-school children in Metropolitan Manila  (STII)
  Evolution of Vocal Fold Nodules
from Childhood to Adolescence
  An Examination of Relationships Between Children’s Protective Services Social Worker
Assessment of Risk and Independent LONGSCAN Measures of Risk Constructs
  Examining the role of nutrition education and the consumption of vegetables among elementary school children  (FNRI)
  Expenditure behavior and children's welfare: an analysis of female headed households in Jamaica  (FNRI)
  Experiences with Hydrocephalus in Infants and Children in the PGH over an 8-Year Period  (STII)
  Exploring children's perception of health: does drawing really break down barriers?  (STII)
  Extent and Consequences of Welfare Dependence Among America’s Children  (STII)
  Extracts from the statement by Mr. James P. Grant, Executive Director of the United Nations Children's fund (UNICEF) at the meeting of the Sub-Committe on Nutrition of the Administrative Committee on Coordination.New York, 7 March 1994  (FNRI)
  Extraintestinal manifestations of food allergy in infants and children  (FNRI)
  Facial Nerve Conduction after Sclerotherapy in Children with Facial Lymphatic Malformations: Report of Two Cases   (STII)
  Fact sheet on beriberi and thiamine deficiency  (FNRI)
  Factors that affect child care in the Philippines  (STII)
  Factors Affecting Placement of Children in Kinship and Nonkinship Foster Care  (STII)
  Factors associated with overweight in preschool-age children in southwestern France  (FNRI)
  Factors Contributing to Family Functioning of Adoptive Children with Special Needs: A Long Term Outcome Analysis  (STII)
  Factors influencing malnutrition in children waiting for liver transplants  (FNRI)
  Factors predisposing body image dissatisfaction in children and preadolescents  (FNRI)
  Factors related to adiposity among children aged 3 to 7 years  (FNRI)
  Facts for life  (STII)
  Facts for life  (STII)
  Faith in Our Children  (STII)
  Families Who Adopt Children With Special Needs  (STII)
  Family-based interventions for the treatment of childhood obesity  (FNRI)
  Family formation patterns and health :  (NRCP)
  Family formation patterns and health  (STII)
  Family relations  (STII)
  Family Reunification of Children In Out-Of-Home Care: Research Perspectives  (STII)
  Family Reunification With High Risk Children: Lessons From Research  (STII)
  The Family Support Act and Children: Potential Pathways of Influence  (STII)
  Fat distribution and hemostatic measures in obese children  (FNRI)
  Fat distribution and insulin response in prepubertal African American and white children  (FNRI)
  Fat and energy needs of children in developing countries  (FNRI)
  Fat-free mass in children and young adults predicted from bioelectric impedance and anthropometric variables  (FNRI)
  Fat intake and adiposity in children of lean and obese parents  (FNRI)
  Fat intake of children in relation to energy requirements  (FNRI)
  Fat intake during childhood: metabolic responses and effects on growth  (FNRI)
  Fat intake and nutritional status of children in China  (FNRI)
  Fat malabsorption in cystic fibrosis patients receiving enzyme replacement therapy is due to impaired intestinal uptake of long-chain fatty acids  (FNRI)
  Fatty acid composition of plasma lipids in healthy Portugues children: is the Mediterranean diet disappearing?  (FNRI)
  Favorable outlook in neuroblastoma  (STII)
  Some features of primary and recrudescent amodiaquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum infections in Nigerian children  (STII)
  Feeding of nonbreastfed children from 6 to 24 months of age in developing countries  (FNRI)
  Feeding sick children  (FNRI)
  Ferritin concentrations in dried serum spots from capillary and venous blood in children in Sri Lanka: a validation study  (FNRI)
  Field trial of alternative food-frequency questionnaires for assessing dietary quality in low-income women and children  (FNRI)
  The fight against malnutrition  (STII)
  The Filipino child in crisis: Filipino children in difficult situations  (PCHRD)
  Filipino children: caught in the crossfire  (FNRI)
  A five-year review of pancreatitis among Filipino children  (STII)
  Fluid and Electrolyte Problems in Pediatric Intestinal Obstruction  (STII)
  FNRI-DOH-PPS multi-sectoral survey of health parameters and nutritional status of Filipino children  (PCHRD)
  Follicular thyroid cancer in children and adolescents  (STII)
  A follow-up study on the effects of calcium-supplement withdrawal and puberty on bone acquisition of children  (FNRI)
  Food insecurity and gender are risk factors for obesity  (FNRI)
  Food needs for children and youth  (STII)
  Food perceptions and dietary behavior of American-Indian children, their caregivers, and educators: formative assessment findings from pathways  (FNRI)
  Food security issues associated with development in Thailand  (FNRI)
  Food security and nutritional outcomes of preschool-age Mexican-American children  (FNRI)
  Food sources of vitamin B-6 of a group of Indonesian children  (FNRI)
  The foods most consumed by German children and adolescents: results of the DONALD study  (FNRI)
  Foreign body ingestion in children (esophagus)  (STII)
  Formant Frequency Analysis of
Children's Spoken and Sung Vowels
Using Sweeping Fundamental Frequency Production
  Foster Children Grown Up:
Parameters of Care and
Adult Delinquency
  Four-component model of body composition in children: density and hydration of fat-free mass and comparison with simpler models  (FNRI)
  Free Running Asthma Screening Test (FRAST)  (STII)
  Fructose intake is a predictor of LDL particle size in overweight schoolchildren  (FNRI)
  Fruits and vegetables intake in children with hypercholesterolemia on a step 1 AHA diet: a potential focus for intervention  (FNRI)
  Further trials with stibophen in the treatment of schistosomiasis japonica  (PCHRD)
  Garden-enhanced nutrition curriculum improves fourth-grade school children's knowledge of nutrition and preferences for some vegetables  (FNRI)
  Gender Differences in Long-Term Average Spectra
of Children’s Singing Voices
  Gene-diet interactions in obesity  (FNRI)
  The girl child and her equal right to "first call" for children  (NAST)
  Global strategy for women’s, children’s, and adolescents’ health (‎‎2016‒2030)‎‎: adolescents’ health  (STII)
  Goiter in childhood  (STII)
  The great grow along curriculum and student learning  (FNRI)
  Greater dietary intake of simple carbohydrate is associated with lower concentrations of high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic children  (FNRI)
  Growing up in cities  (ITDI)
  A growing concern  (STII)
  Growth, morbidity, and mortality of children in Dhaka after treatment for severe malnutrition: a prospective study  (FNRI)
  Growth and body composition in children infected with the human immunodeficiency virus  (FNRI)
  Growth in children from the Wosera subdistrict, Papua New Guinea, in relation to energy and protein intakes and zinc status  (FNRI)
  Growth-hormone therapy for short children without growth-hormone deficiency  (FNRI)
  Growth and nutritional outcomes of children treated with the ketogenic diet  (FNRI)
  Growth retardation in children receiving long-term total parenteral nutrition : effects of ornithine a-ketoglutarate  (FNRI)
  Growth standards in children  (FNRI)
  Growth standards in children  (FNRI)
  Growth study with infants fed formula using Soy protein isolate PP-710 as its protein source  (STII)
  Halfway to 2000: mid-decade goals(1995)for health of women and children  (FNRI)
  What Happens to Sexually Abused Children Identified by Child Protective Services  (STII)
  Health asfect of pre-school children  (STII)
  Health condition of street children in Zamboanga City  (PCHRD)
  Health condition of street children in Zamboanga City  (PCHRD)
  Health consequences of obesity in youth: Childhood predictors of adult disease  (FNRI)
  Health examination of Filipino school children  (STII)
  Health-related quality of life of Filipino pediatric liver transplant recipients and children with chronic liver disease using PedsQL4.0™ Tagalog Version  (STII)
  Health services for the child  (ITDI)
  Heights and weights of Filipino children  (STII)
  Heights and weights of Filipino children  (STII)
  The heights and weights of school children in relation to socio-economic status  (STII)
  Helicobacter pylori-Associated gastroduodenal disease in symptomatic Chilean children : Diagnostic value of serological assay  (FNRI)
  Helicobacter pylori infection in children : Potential clues to pathogenesis  (FNRI)
  Hepatic pseudomass on ultrasound in children with fatty infiltration of the liver  (FNRI)
  Higher concentrations of serum transferrin receptor in children than in adults  (FNRI)
  Home and eating environments are associated with saturated fat intake in children in rural West Virginia  (FNRI)
  Homebased Services for Southeast Asian Refugee Children: A Process and Formative
  Our Hopes and Dreams for Children  (STII)
  Household exposure to pesticides and risk of childhood hematopoietic malignancies  (STII)
  On Hydrocephalus in childhood as observed in the P.G.H.  (STII)
  Hypercholesterolemia and developmental disabilities  (FNRI)
  Identifying factors of children undernutrition  (FNRI)
  IgA anti-gliadin antibodies in the monitoring og gluten challenge in celiac disease  (FNRI)
  Illnesses and health patterns during the first two years of life  (STII)
  Imitation of causally opaque versus causally transparent
tool use by 3- and 5-year-old children
  Immune function in rural Gambia children is not related to season of birth, birth size, or maternal supplementation status  (FNRI)
  Immunization: Vaccine safety and recommendations updates in 2005 childhood immunization schedule  (PCHRD)
  Impact of the consumption of iron-bioavailability-enhanced mungbean dishes on nutrition and health status of children  (FNRI)
  The impact of maternal work status on the nutrition and health status of children  (FNRI)
  Impact of a nutrition education curriculum on snack choices of children ages six and seven years  (FNRI)
  Impacts of a multi-layered nutrition education program : Teenagers teaching children  (FNRI)
  Impairment of psychological functions in children environmentally exposed to lead  (STII)
  Improved energy intakes using amylase-digested weaning foods in Tanzanian children with acute diarrhea  (FNRI)
  Improvement of dietary density by the use of germinated cereals and legumes  (FNRI)
  Improving iron absorption from a Peruvian school breakfast meal by adding ascorbic acid or Na2EDTA  (FNRI)
  Improving young child feeding in Eastern and Southern Africa :  (NRCP)
  Improving young child feeding in Eastern and Southern Africa :  (NRCP)
  Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children in Foster Care
The Dilemma of Visitation
  Incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in children with congenital heart disease  (PCHRD)
  Incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in children with congenital heart disease  (PCHRD)
  Incidence of undetected error of refraction among school children in Barrio Santiago Elementary School San Pablo City  (PCHRD)
  Inconsistencies in the findings of child nutrition surveys in Bangladesh  (FNRI)
  Influence of ascorbic acid on iron absorption from an iron-fortified, chocolate-flavored milk drink in Jamaican children  (FNRI)
  Influence of environmental tobacco smoke on vitamin C status in children  (FNRI)
  Influence of genetic polymorphisms on responsiveness to dietary fat and cholesterol  (FNRI)
  Influence of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase genotype, age, vitamin B-12, and folate status on plasma homocysteine in children  (FNRI)
  Influence of nutritional status on the pharmacokinetics of acetylsalicylic acid and its metabolites in children with autoimmune disease  (FNRI)
  The Influence of Object Conceptions on the
Mechanical Intuitions of Children and Adults
  Influence of sex, seasonality, ethnicity, and geographic location on the components of total energy expenditure in young children: implications for energy requirements  (FNRI)
  Intake of food guide pyramid servings: a comparison of WIC children in Wisconsin and children from 1994 CSFII  (FNRI)
  Integrated management of childhood illness :  (STII)
  Integrated management of childhood illness :  (STII)
  The interactive effects of dietary quality on the growth and attained size of young Mexican Children  (FNRI)
  Interleukin-6 (IL-6) patterns in critically ill and healthy children  (FNRI)
  The interobserver reproducibility of bioelectrical impedance analysis measurements in infants and toddlers  (FNRI)
  Interpretation of vitamin A status in apparently healthy Pakistani children by using markers of subclinical infection  (FNRI)
  Intestinal microbial bile acid transformation in healthy infants  (FNRI)
  Intestinal spirochaetosis in children  (FNRI)
  Investigating children's ideas about fat consumption and health: a comparative study  (STII)
  Investigating children's ideas about fat consumption and health: a comparative study  (STII)
  Investigative studies of convulsive seizures among Filipino children  (STII)
  The Iraqi ntional nutrition survey: correlation between various anthropometric measurements as indicators of severity of malnutrition  (FNRI)
  Iron deficiency, cell-mediated immunity and infection among 6-36 month old children living in rural togo  (FNRI)
  Iron deficiency anaemia in childhood and thyroid function  (FNRI)
  Iron-fortified rice is best iron source for school kids  (STII)
  Iron supplementation improves appetite and growth in anemic Kenyan primary school children  (FNRI)
  Is isoniazid (INH) judiciously prescribed among Filipino children?  (STII)
  The issue is human quality  (STII)
  The issue is human quality  (STII)
  Issues on health  (STII)
  Issues on health: population, nutrition children, public health and healthcare financing  (FNRI)
  Issues Underlying Behavior Problems in At-Risk Adopted Children  (STII)
  Juvenile diabetes mellitus among Filipinos : diabetes detection among relatives  (STII)
  We know about childhood cancer  (STII)
  KIDPOWER: a feasibility trial for children and teens suspected of hyperinsulinemia  (FNRI)
  A knee height growth chart for children  (FNRI)
  Knowledge in the Service of Children and Youth  (STII)
  Lack of hemoglobin response to iron supplementation in anemic Mexican preschoolers with multiple micronutrient deficiencies  (FNRI)
  Lacrimation during sleep: A clinical study on thirty children  (PCHRD)
  Use of lactation consultants in Urban WIC population  (FNRI)
  Lactose absorption and consumption in Curacao schoolchildren  (FNRI)
  Large Boys and Little Women: The Problem of Family Placement of Older Children in the Nineteenth Century  (STII)
  Lasma homocystein concentrations in a Belgian school-age population  (FNRI)
  Lead contamination in Uruguay  (STII)
  Lead Exposure among Small-Scale Battery Recyclers, Automobile Radiator Mechanics, and Their Children in Manila, the Philippines  (PCHRD)
  Lead Exposure among Small-Scale Battery Recyclers, Automobile Radiator Mechanics, and Their Children in Manila, the Philippines  (PCHRD)
  learning to Represent Word Meaning:
What Initial Training Events Reveal About
Children’s Developing Action Verb Concepts
  Left atrial myxoma in children  (PCHRD)
  Level of antibody against measles in acute lymphocytic leukemic patients in remission- A pilot study  (PCHRD)
  Life skills in the boys & girls club: opportunities for nutrition education  (FNRI)
  Linear and nonlinear programming to optimize the nutrient density of a population's diet: an example based on diets of preschool children in rural Malawi  (FNRI)
  Lipid and macrophage accumulations in arteries of children and the development of atherosclerosis  (FNRI)
  Liver adenoma in young children  (STII)
  Logic in Conversation: Comparative Studies
of Deduction in Children and Adults
  Long-term efficay and safety of a new olive oil-based intravenous fat emulsion in pediatric patients: a double-blind randomized study  (FNRI)
  Long-term oral supplementation with iron is not harmful for young children in a poor community of Bangladesh  (FNRI)
  Long-term supplementation with iron does not enhance growth in malnourished Bangladeshi children  (FNRI)
  Longitudinal analysis shows serum carotenoid concentrations are low in children with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  Longitudinal changes in fatness in white children: no effect of childhood energy expenditure  (FNRI)
  Low carbohydrate diet reduces BMI and fasting insulin level in obese children  (FNRI)
  Use of low-fat-milk by children in the New York State WIC varies with parental characteristics  (FNRI)
  A low-fat after school snack improves the nutritional quality of elementary school children's diets  (FNRI)
  Low-level prenatal and postnatal blood lead exposure and adrenocortical responses to acute stress in children  (STII)
  Lower risk factors for better learning  (STII)
  Lupus nephritis among children in National Kidney and Transplant Institute: Five year experience  (PCHRD)
  Lupus nephritis among children in NKTI: Five year experience  (PCHRD)
  Lysine requirement of healthy school-age children determined by the indicator amino acid oxidation method  (FNRI)
  Macronutrient intake of 3- to 36-month-old German infants and children: results of the DONALD study  (FNRI)
  Maintaining high vitamin A supplementation coverage in children: lessons from Niger  (FNRI)
  Malaria, hookworms and recent fever are related to anemia and iron status indicators in 0- to 5-y old Zanzibari children and these relationships change with age  (FNRI)
  Malnutrition of infants and pre-school children in Victoria, Laguna: protein-calorie, vitamin a, iron, and folic acid deficiencies  (STII)
  Malnutrition in Iraqi children following the Gulf War: results of a national survey  (FNRI)
  Malnutrition and its risk factors among children 1-7 years old in rural Malaysian communities  (FNRI)
  Management of chronic viral hepatitis in children  (FNRI)
  Managing obesity in children  (FNRI)
  Manila street children  (STII)
  Manometry, profilometry, and endosonography : Normal physiology and anatomy of the anal canal in healthy children  (FNRI)
  Matching Children with Placements  (STII)
  Maternal diet during pregnancy in relation to eczema and allergic sensitization in the offspring at 2 y of age  (FNRI)
  Maternal knowledge and practices on the recognition and treatment of malaria among children in Barangay Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan  (PCHRD)
  Maternal and Nutritionproblems in a rapidly increasing population  (STII)
  Maternal perspectives on probiotics, intake of probiotics food and occurrence of atopic dermatitis among children in selected urban communities in Laguna, Philippines  (STII)
  Maternal stress in caring for children with feeding disabilities: implications for health care providers  (FNRI)
  Meal-induced thermogenesis in lean and obese prepubertal children  (FNRI)
  Have meal patterns of children changed in the past two decades?  (FNRI)
  Measurement of body water by multifrequency bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy in a multiethnic pediatic population  (FNRI)
  Measurements of gastrointestinal pH and regional transit times in normal children  (FNRI)
  Measuring African children's intake from the family common pot  (FNRI)
  Measuring Outcomes for Children: Early Parenting Experiences, Conflict, Maladjustment, and Depression in Adulthood  (STII)
  Measuring the Turbulence of English Children’s Homes  (STII)
  Media and its effect on learning  (PCHRD)
  Men, women and children in rice farming: the many faces of agricultural development.  (PCARRD)
  A meta-analysis of the relationships in food preferences between parents and children  (FNRI)
  Metabolic adaptation to high-fat and high-carbohydrate diets in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Mga ina, kampiyon laban sa malnutrisyon  (STII)
  Micronutrient status and intervention programs in Malaysia  (FNRI)
  Microscopic colitis : A new cause of chronic diarrhea in children ?  (FNRI)
  Milk fermented with yogurt cultures and lactobacillus casei compared with yogurt and gelled milk: influence on intestinal microflora in healthy infants  (FNRI)
  Mitral Valve Replacement in Children under 3 Years of Age  (STII)
  Modelling the Initial Placement Decision for Children Received into Care  (STII)
  Mold sensitization determined by skin prick test in children with asthma and allergic rhinitis  (STII)
  Monitoring growth in children with special health care needs  (FNRI)
  Morbidity and mortality associated with elevated body weight in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Like mother, like daughter: familial patterns of overweight are mediated by mothers' dietary disinhibition  (FNRI)
  Mothers' attitudes toward nutrition are related to daughters' but not to sons' plasma cholesterol levels  (FNRI)
  Multiple micronutrient supplementation increases the growth of Mexican infants  (FNRI)
  Naming Solids and Nonsolids:
Children’s Default Construals
  First National Congress of Street children on April 15-19, 1991 at La Salle, Greenhillson San Juan, Metro Manila  (FNRI)
  National survey beverage consumption data for children and adolescents indicate the need to encourage a shift toward more nutritive beverages  (FNRI)
  A National Survey of Handicapped Children Receiving Public Social Services: Prevalence Rates and Service Patterns in 1977  (STII)
  Negligence in Placement and Supervision of Children in Foster Care:  (STII)
  Nephrotic syndrome in children less than 2 years old: Clinicopathology and treatment outcome  (PCHRD)
  Neurodevelopmental profile of children with language delay at the Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC) from 1998 to 2003  (PCHRD)
  Newly recognized signs of selenium deficiency in humans  (FNRI)
  Nitrogen and amino acid requirements: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology amino acid requirement pattern  (FNRI)
  Noise-to-Harmonics Ratio as an Acoustic
Measure of Voice Disorders in Boys
  Non-leukemic myeloproliferative disorders in children  (STII)
  Normal Voice in Children Between 6 and 12 Years of
Age: Database and Nonlinear Analysis
  The number game:Playing by whose rules?  (FNRI)
  Numbers, Thoughts, and Things:
The Ontology of Numbers for
Children and Adults
  Nutiritonal survey on a sample of one-year-old infants in Milan : intake of macronutrients  (FNRI)
  Nutrient intake of children eating school breakfast  (FNRI)
  Nutrients intake of children referred to a pediatric lipid clinic  (FNRI)
  Nutrition education: It has never been an easy case for Indonesia  (FNRI)
  Nutrition and education: a randomized trial of the effects of breakfast in rural primary school children  (FNRI)
  Nutrition and health outcomes associated with food insecurity and hunger  (FNRI)
  Nutrition in infancy and childhood /  (NRCP)
  Nutrition in the midst of devastation  (STII)
  Nutrition of mothers, infants and young children highlights the 36th FNRI seminar series   (STII)
  Nutrition-relevant actions  (FNRI)
  Nutrition socialization experiences of children in the head start program  (FNRI)
  Nutrition status and the risk of mortality in children 6-36 months old in Tanzania  (FNRI)
  Nutrition in ten-year-old children of the Liberec Area(Czech Republic)  (FNRI)
  Nutrition therapy for the pediatric cancer patient  (FNRI)
  Nutritional anemia, v.30  (FNRI)
  Nutritional anemia in Filipino school children  (STII)
  Nutritional assessment of pregnant women enrolled in the special supplemental program for women, infants, and children  (FNRI)
  Nutritional factors and worlwide incidence of childhood type 1 diabetes  (FNRI)
  Nutritional implications of soy in the diet of children  (FNRI)
  Nutritional intake, height and weight of 11-12 year old Northumbrian children in 1990 compared with information obtained in 1980  (FNRI)
  Nutritional problems in the preschool child in other countries  (STII)
  Nutritional status of 24 to 71 month old children of the Talaandig tribe in Lantapan, Bukidnon, Philippines fed with job’s tear “adlai” [Coix lacryma–jobi L]  (STII)
  Nutritional status and cardiac mass and function in children infected with the human immunodeficiency virus  (FNRI)
  Nutritional status of children ages 0–5 and 5–10 years old in households headed by fisherfolks in the Philippines  (STII)
  Nutritional status of Filipino children  (FNRI)
  Nutritional status of Filipino children, 2005  (FNRI)
  Nutritional status and intellectual performance in a rural Philippine community  (STII)
  Nutritional status and restricted diets in children with autism spectrum disorder  (FNRI)
  Nutritional support for the critically III  (PCHRD)
  Nutritional survey on a sample of one-year-old infants in Milan: intake of macronutrients  (FNRI)
  The nutritional value of oat flour for very young children  (FNRI)
  Nutrition planning for children and youth  (STII)
  Many obese youth have condition that precedes type 2 diabetes  (FNRI)
  Obesity: childhood epidemic  (FNRI)
  Observations on ascites in early childhood  (STII)
  Opening windows into the mind: mothers’
preferences for mental state explanations
and children’s theory of mind
  Operation Child-ID  (STII)
  Opportunities for Career Success: Views of Poor and Middle-Class Children  (STII)
  The "optimized mixed diet": evaluation of a food guide system for children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  The Use of an oral decongestant-antihistaminic preparation (synephricol) in the treatment of common colds in children  (STII)
  Oral Mucocele and its Surgical Approach as Treatment: Case Series  (STII)
  Oral supplementation with synbiotics and colonic flora in children on antibiotics  (FNRI)
  Orange fruit is more effective than are dark-green, leafy vegetables in increasing serum concentrations of retinol and B-carotene in schoolchildren in Indonesia  (FNRI)
  Orthotopic liver transplantation reverses the adverse nutritional changes of end-stage liver disease in children  (FNRI)
  Osteodensitometry in assessing the nutritional status of children treated with an elimination diet  (FNRI)
  Out-of-Home Maltreatment: An Analysis of Risk in Various Settings for Children  (STII)
  Outcomes for Drug-Exposed Children Four Years Post-Adoption  (STII)
  Ovarian masses in children: An 11 year review at the Philippine Children's Medical Center  (PCHRD)
  The over-all development of Filipino children  (STII)
  Overview: Hidden hunger and the role of public-private partnership  (FNRI)
  Overweight among children and adolescents in a Native Canadian community: prevalence and associated factors  (FNRI)
  A packaged rice-based oral rehydration solution for acute diarrhea  (FNRI)
  Pain Perception of Children Undergoing
Nasendoscopy for Investigation of Voice and
Resonance Disorders
  A Panel on diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas in Philippine pediatric practice  (STII)
  Parental attitudes and practices in disciplining children 6-12 years of age enrolled in a public and private school in Bulacan  (PCHRD)
  Parental attitudes and practices in disciplining children 6-12 years of age enrolled in a public and private school in Bulacan  (PCHRD)
  Parental attitudes and practices in disciplining children 6-12 years of age enrolled in a public and private school in Bulacan  (PCHRD)
  Parental feeding behavior and children's fat mass  (FNRI)
  Parental Involvement in Children’s Residential Treatment: From Pre-placement to Aftercare  (STII)
  Parental Visiting of Children in Foster Care: Current Knowledge and Research Agenda  (STII)
  Parental weight status moderates relationships among television veiwing, snacking, and girls' increase in BMI  (FNRI)
  Participation of rural women and children in handwatering agriculture for crop diversification: the case of Luzon Philippines.  (PCARRD)
  The pathophysiological basis for viral diarrhea : A progress report  (FNRI)
  Pathways in Substitute Care: Representation of Placement Careers of Children Using Event History Analysis  (STII)
  The Pediatric infectious disease journal  (STII)
  Pediatric ketogenic diets for intractable seizures  (FNRI)
  Pediatric ophthalmological conditions: frequency distribution  (PCHRD)
  Pediatric sleep medicine  (PCHRD)
  Pediatric trauma care  (STII)
  Percentage body fat in relation to body mass index classifications of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents aged 3-18 years  (FNRI)
  Perceptions and Practice: Agency Efforts for the Hardest-to-Place Children  (STII)
  Perceptual Connections between Prepubertal
Children’s Voices in their Speaking Behavior
and their Singing Behavior
  Periods of crisis in childhood  (STII)
  Permanency Planning For Children: Obstacles and Remedies  (STII)
  Permanency Planning for Children: The Past and Present  (STII)
  Permanency Planning for Children in Foster Care: A Review of Projects  (STII)
  Persistence of goiter despite oral iodine supplementation in goitrous children with iron deficiency anemia in Cote d'Ivoire  (FNRI)
  Persistent hypercholesterolemia is associated with the development of obesity among girls: the Bogalusa heart study  (FNRI)
  Personal Coping and Social Support for Parents of Handicapped Children  (STII)
  Phenobarbital can aggravate a cholestatic bile acid pattern in infants with obstructive cholangiopathy  (FNRI)
  Philippines Country Report  (FNRI)
  Philippines Country Report  (FNRI)
  Philippines nutrition facts & figures; Part III: Biochemical facts and figures  (STII)
  Physical activity and growth of Kenya school children with hookworm, Trichuris trichiura and Ascaris lumbricoides infections are improved after treatment with Albendazole  (FNRI)
  Physical fitness, growth and appetite of Kenyan school boys with hookworm, Trichuris trichiura and Ascaris lumbricoides infections are improved four months after a single dose of albendazole  (FNRI)
  Pictorial recall-a new method for assessing fruit and vegetable consumption in Czech children  (FNRI)
  Pilot study of urinary biomarkers of phytoestrogens, phthalates, and phenols in girls  (STII)
  A Pilot Survey of Vocal Health in Young Singers  (STII)
  Plant sterol ester-enriched spread lowers plasma total and LDL cholesterol in children with familial hypercholesterolemia  (FNRI)
  Plasma amino acid levels in 108 children receiving a pediatric amino acid formulation as part of parenteral nutrition  (FNRI)
  Plasma leptin concentrations in obese children: changes during 4-mo periods with and without physical training  (FNRI)
  Poor food, nutrient intake noted in C&N Mindanao  (FNRI)
  Political Status, Citizenship and Dependency: The Children of the United States Insular Areas  (STII)
  Polyuric-polydipsic syndrome in a pediatric case of non-glucocorticoid remediable familial hyperaldosteronism  (STII)
  Position of the American Dietetic Association: the impact of fluoride on health  (FNRI)
  Position of the the American Dietetic Association: dietary guidance for healthy children aged 2 to 11 years  (FNRI)
  Post-Adoption Needs of Families Adopting Children with Developmental Disabilities  (STII)
  Post nutrition survey conference workshop Region XIII-CARAGA, proceedings held in Butuan City on May 6-7, 1997  (FNRI)
  Postpartum iron status in nonlactating participants and nonparticipants in the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children  (FNRI)
  Potential interventions for the prevention of childhood pneumonia in developing countries: improving nutrition  (FNRI)
  Potts disease with neurologic involvement in children results of treatment after conservative management or surgery  (PCHRD)
  Potts disease with neurologic involvement in children results of treatment after conservative management or surgery  (PCHRD)
  Power up your day with breakfast  (FNRI)
  Practical tips for putting soy in daily diet of children  (FNRI)
  Pre- and post-evaluations of growth patterns and nutritional status of zero to 24 month old children in BIDANI and Non-BIDANI areas in lowland and coastal villages in the Philippines  (STII)
  Pre- and post-evaluations of growth patterns and nutritional status of zero to 24 month old children in bidani and non-bidani areas in lowland and coastal villages in the Philippines  (PCHRD)
  Pre-adolescent dieting and body shape concerns: implications for eating disorders  (FNRI)
  Prediction of body fat in 12-y-ld African American and white children: evaluation of methods  (FNRI)
  The predictive value of childhood body mass index values for overweight at age 35 y  (FNRI)
  Predictors of death from severe pneumonia among children 2-59 months old hospitalized in Bohol, Philippines: implications for referral criteria at a first-level health facility  (PCHRD)
  Predictors of overweight and overfatness in a multiethnic pediatric population  (FNRI)
  Predictors of postprandial triacylglycerol response in childre: the Columbia University biomarkers study  (FNRI)
  Predictors of serum retinol in children with shigellosis  (FNRI)
  Predictors of weight loss in severely obese children undergoing weight loss treatment  (FNRI)
  Preference for and consumption of fat-free and full-fat cheese by children  (FNRI)
  Prenatal WIC participation can reduce low birth weight and newborn medical costs: a cost-benefit analysis of WIC participation in North Carolina  (FNRI)
  Prevalence of high blood pressure and relationship with obesity and early life characteristics in children of a rapidly developing country  (FNRI)
  High prevalence of cobalamin deficiency in Guatemalan schoolchildren: associations with low plasma holotranscobalamin II and elevated serum methylmalonic acid and plasma homocysteine concentrations  (FNRI)
  The prevalence of helicobacter pylori positivity in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children  (FNRI)
  Prevalence of iron deficiency in children aged 9-24 mo from a large urban area of Argentina  (FNRI)
  Prevalence of iron deficiency with and without concurrent anemia in population groups with high prevalences of malaria and other infections: a study in Cote d'Ivoire  (FNRI)
  Prevalence of obesity in International special olympic athletes as determined by body mass index  (FNRI)
  Prevalence of overweight in US children: comparison of US growth charts from the centers for disease control and prevention with other reference values for body mass index  (FNRI)
  Prevalence of rickets in Mongolia  (FNRI)
  Prevalence of skin diseases among pediatric patients in Turkey   (STII)
  Prevention of accidents  (FNRI)
  Primary nephrotic syndrome: Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis in children: Clinicopathology and treatment outcome  (PCHRD)
  Probiotics: towards demonstrating efficacy  (FNRI)
  Problems in elementary and high school  (STII)
  Problems in the study of Filipino children  (STII)
  Production of short chain fatty acids by the intestinal microflora during the first 2 years of human life  (FNRI)
  Production of stable-isotope-labeled bovine heme and its use to measure heme-iron absorption in children  (FNRI)
  Profile of children 0-23 months old with acute gastroenteritis  (PCHRD)
  Profile of children with learning disabilities in a pediatric tertiary care hospital for the past 3 years  (PCHRD)
  The Prognosis of rheumatic heart disease among Filipino children of low income group  (STII)
  Programs tomeet the nutritional needs of the pre-school child: voluntary agencies  (STII)
  Proposed weight and height reference standards for 0-19 year old Filipino children.  (PCARRD)
  Prospective evaluation of growth, nutritional status, and body composition in children with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  A prospective study: Growth and nutritional status of children treated with the ketogenic diet  (FNRI)
  Protecting Children by Preserving Their Families  (STII)
  Protecting Children and Supporting Families: An Essay Review  (STII)
  The protective effect of red palm oil in comparison with massive vitamin A dose in combating vitamin A deficiency in Orissa, India  (FNRI)
  The protein and energy intakes of thirty pre-school malnourished children with acute infections confined in the UP-PGH Medical Center Pediatric Ward  (STII)
  Protein-energy requirements of prepubertal school-age boys dewtermined by using the nitrogen-balance response to a mixed-protein diet  (FNRI)
  Protein intake during the period of complementary feeding and early childhood and the association with body mass index and percentage body fat at 7 y of age  (FNRI)
  Provincial level estimation of the proportion of vitamin a deficient children aged months to 5 years in the Philippines  (STII)
  Can the provision of breakfast benefit school performance?  (FNRI)
  Pseudolithiasis due to Ceftriaxone Treatment for Meningitis in Children: Report of 8 Cases  (STII)
  Psychological factors in the nutrition of the pre-school child  (STII)
  Psychosocial correlates of dietary intake: advancing dietary intervention  (FNRI)
  Psychosocial issues in ventilator dependent children: obesity is of concern  (FNRI)
  Psychosocial Resources and Academic Performance in Abused Children  (STII)
  Psychotherapy with children and adolescents  (PCHRD)
  A psyllium-enriched cereal for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia in children : a controlled, doubly-blind, cross study  (FNRI)
  Pulmonary Manifestations and Management of COVID-19 Pediatric Patients Admitted in a Tertiary Government Hospital  (STII)
  The quality of ambulatory care delivered to children in the United States  (STII)
  The "Singing-Acting" Child: The Laryngologist's Perspective-1995  (STII)
  Racial Differences in Health Care Utilization Among Children in Foster Care  (STII)
  Raising Children in Ambivalent Immigrant Families: Israelis in New York  (STII)
  Raising healthy kids--Some tips for parents  (FNRI)
  Randomized control trial of buccal mucosa administration vs intramuscular injection of midazolam on infants and children with congenital heart diseaseundergoing diagnostic procedures  (PCHRD)
  A randomized controlled trial on the efficacy and safety of a modified ready to use therapeutic food among malnourished children  (STII)
  A Randomized Double-blind Study on the Efficacy of 20% VCO Cream versus a Commercial Emollient for Atopic Dermatitis in Children  (STII)
  A randomized intervention study of the effects of discontinuing coffee intake on growth and morbidity of iron-deficient Guatemalan toddlers  (FNRI)
  Rapid westernization of children's blood cholesterol in 3 countries evidence for nutrient-gene interactions  (FNRI)
  Re-adjustment of Japanese returnee children from an overseas sojourn  (STII)
  Receiver operating characteristic analysis of body mass index, triceps skinfold thickness, and arm girth for obesity screening in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Recent scientific research on inulin and oligofructose  (FNRI)
  Recent trends in child health  (STII)
  The Recognition of common surgical abdominal conditions in pediatric practice  (STII)
  Recommendations for composition of oral rehydration solutions for the children of Europe  (FNRI)
  Recurrence and Persistence of Fever in Children Who Developed Amantadine-Resistant Influenza Viruses after Treatment   (STII)
  Reduced -port surgery for hereditary spherocytosis with cholelithiasis in children  (STII)
  Reduced LDL particle size in children consuming a very-low-fat diet is related to parental LDL-subclass patterns  (FNRI)
  Regulatory affairs  (FNRI)
  Rehabilitation of malnourished children in nutrition rehabilitation wards  (STII)
  Relation to anthropometry to malaria morbidity and immunity in Papua New Guinean children  (FNRI)
  Relation of body composition, parental overweight, pubertal stage and race-ethnicity to energy expenditure among premenarcheal girls  (FNRI)
  Relation of body fat patterning to lipid and lipoprotein concentrations in children and adolescents: the Bogalusa Heart Study  (FNRI)
  Relation of circumferences and skinfold thicknesses to lipid and insulin concentrations in children and adolescents: the Bogalusa heart study  (FNRI)
  Relation between mothers' child-feeding practices and children's adiposity  (FNRI)
  Relation of serum retinol to acute phase proteins and malarial morbidity in Papua New Guinea children  (FNRI)
  Relationship between ad libitum energy intake, body mass index, and waist circumference in preschool children  (FNRI)
  Relationship between age and serum vitamin A in children aged 4-11 y  (FNRI)
  Relationship of common laboratory parameters to the activity of crohn's disease in children  (FNRI)
  Relationship between diet composition and body fatness, with adjustment for resting energy expenditure and physical activity, in preadolescent children  (FNRI)
  The relationship between iron deficiency and anemia in Venezualan children  (FNRI)
  Relationship between physical activity, tv-consumption, eating habits and BMI and fat distribution in Swiss children  (FNRI)
  Reliability and validity of the child and adolescent trial for cardiovascular health (CATCH) food checklist: a self-report instrument to measure fat and sodium intake by middle school students  (FNRI)
  Reliance on Visual and Verbal
Information Across Ontological Kinds:
What Do Children Know About
Animals and Machines?
  Reorganizing Child Protective Services: Protecting Children and Providing Family Support  (STII)
  Reproducibility of resting metabolic rate measurement in children  (FNRI)
  Research Needed to Improve the Prospects for Children in Out-of-Home Placement  (STII)
  A research study on positive effect of tempeh on intestinal mucosa of diarrheal children  (FNRI)
  Resilience and life experiences of mothers with autistic children: A qualitative approach  (PCHRD)
  Resilience and life experiences of mothers with autistic children: A qualitative approach  (PCHRD)
  Resilience and well-being among children of migrant parents in South-East Asia  (PCHRD)
  Resiliency in sexually abused children and adolescents seen at the child
protection unit of a tertiary government hospital
  Respiratory viruses from hospitalized children with severe pneumonia in the Philippines  (STII)
  Resting energy expenditure in African American and white children  (FNRI)
  Resting energy expenditure changes during stem cell transplantation in children  (FNRI)
  Resting energy expenditure in children with phenylketonuria  (FNRI)
  Resting energy expenditure and food-induced thermogenesis in obese children  (FNRI)
  Restricting access to palatable foods affects children's behavioral response, food selection, and intake  (FNRI)
  Resurgence of schistosomiasis japonicumin in schoolchildren in Agusan Del Sur, Philippines: Opportunities for control in the school setting  (STII)
  Retinol binding protein as a surrogate measure for serum retinol: studies in vitamin A-deficient children from the Republic of the Marshall Islands  (FNRI)
  A retrospective analysis of nutritional status, length of hospital stay, and ventilatory status for infants and children undergoing surgery for congenital heart lesions  (FNRI)
  Reunification and Reentry of Foster Children  (STII)
  Reversal of low bone density with a gluten-free diet in children and adolescents with celiac disease  (FNRI)
  Risk factors for acute leukemia in children  (STII)
  Risk factors for extended duration of acute diarrhea in young children  (STII)
  Risk factors for the occurrence of anticonvulsant hypersensitfvity syndrome among pediatric patients with epilepsy: A case control study   (PCHRD)
  Risk factors of persistent bronchial asthma in children seen at the children's asthma unit  (STII)

Road blocks to public health practice in the area of material and child health and recommended approaches

  Role of copper in Indian childhood cirrhosis  (FNRI)
  Role of dietary factors in ethnic differences in early risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes  (FNRI)
  Role of energy expenditure in the development of pediatric obesity  (FNRI)
  The role of food as a trigger factor among Filipino children with bronchial asthma  (STII)
  Role of foods in irregular aggravation of skin lesions in children with atopic dermatitis   (STII)
  The role of gastroesophageal reflux in pediatric dysphagia  (FNRI)
  The role of maternal verbal, affective, and behavioral
support in preschool children’s independent and
collaborative autobiographical memory reports
  The Role of Open Adoption in the Adjustment of Adopted Children and Their Families  (STII)
  The role of the structure of parts and of the overall
object shape in children’s generalization
of novel object names
  Rotavirus acute gastroenteritis among Filipino children  (STII)
  Rotavirus induces a-interferon release in children with gastroenteritis  (FNRI)
  rudiment of rectangular Areas in children
Blind From Birth
  Salmonella meningitis in children  (STII)
  A scale without anthropometric measurements can be used to identify low weight-for-age in children less than five years old  (FNRI)
  School-age children: their nutrition and health  (FNRI)
  School feeding in Jamaica: a review of its evaluation  (FNRI)
  Scurvy  (STII)
  In search of retinoblastoma eye examination in infants and children  (PCHRD)
  Seasonal incidence of common childhood diseases in the Philippines  (STII)
  A second look at the supplementary feeding program  (STII)
  Secular trends in dietary intakes and cardiovascular risk factors of 10-y-old children : The Bogalusa Heart study (1973-1988)  (FNRI)
  Secular trends in growth and changes in eating patterns of Japanese children  (FNRI)
  Selecting Children for Residential Treatment  (STII)
  Self esteem and multiple intelligences: their relation to academic performance of children at risk with dyslexia  (PCHRD)
  Self esteem and multiple intelligences: their relation to academic performance of children at risk with dyslexia  (PCHRD)
  A Self-help multiplier project to improve the nutrition of rural pre-school children in the Philippines through cooperative community efforts  (STII)
  Self-reports of diet: how children remember what they have eaten  (FNRI)
  Sensitization to common aeroallergens in children with allergic respiratory diseases seen in an allergy clinic at a tertiary hospital  (STII)
  Separate and combined effects of the outdoor and indoor air quality on chronic respiratory symptoms adjusted for allergy among preadolescent children  (STII)
  Serum carotenoid concentrations and their reproducibility in children in Belize  (FNRI)
  Serum carotenoid concentrations in US children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Serum retinol concentrations in children are affected by food sources of B-carotene, fat intake, and anthelmintic drug treatment  (FNRI)
  Serum retinol concentrations and schistosoma mansoni, intestinal helminths, and malarial parasitemia: a cross sectional study in Kenyan preschool and primary school children  (FNRI)
  Serum retinol distributions in residents of the United States: third national health and nutrition examination survey, 1988-1994  (FNRI)
  Services for Families Adopting Children via Public Child Welfare Agencies: Use, Helpfulness, and Need  (STII)
  SES differences in young children’s
metacognition in the context of
mathematical problem solving
  Setting up and operating a school/ community-based supplementary feeding program: The FNRI experience  (FNRI)
  Severity and timing of stunting in the first two years of life affect performance on cognitive tests in childhood  (FNRI)
  Short studies on some anthropometric parameters in assessing nutritional status  (STII)
  Short Term Placement Outcomes for Children Adopted after Age Five  (STII)
  Short-term supplementation with zinc and vitamin A has no significant effect on the growth of undernourished Bangladeshi children  (FNRI)
  Significance of nasal eosinophilia among Filipino children with acute rhinitis aged 1-16 years old  (PCHRD)
  A silent epidemic: Violence against women and children  (PCHRD)
  Simple pediatric nutritional risk risk score to identify children at risk of malnutrition  (FNRI)
  The Singing/Acting Child" A Speech-Language Pathologist's Perspective  (STII)
  Should Singing Activities Be Included in Speech and
Voice Therapy for Prepubertal Children?
  Sixth National Nutrition Survey, Philippines, 2003: Anemia prevalence   (PCHRD)
  Social cognitive model of fruit and vegetable consumption in elementary school children  (FNRI)
  Some social and economic factors affecting the nutritional status of preschool children in a peri-urban community  (STII)
  Social Work Ethics and Children: Protection Versus Empowerment  (STII)
  Social Support Characteristics Among Nonclinical African-American and Filipino- American Parents with School-Age Children  (STII)
  Society's children: crisis, challenge, and commitment  (FNRI)
  Socio-economic determinants of nutritional status of children in rural peninsular Malaysia  (FNRI)
  Sociodemographic and clinical profile of retroperitoneal tumors in children  (PCHRD)
  Socioeconomic determinants of overweight status in children from Switzerland  (FNRI)
  Socioeconomic profile and nutritional status of children rubber smallholdings  (STII)
  Sources of poisoning exposures in children during 1990-1995. An analysis of the National Poison Information Centre files  (STII)
  Soy protein's role in weight loss  (FNRI)
  Soy recipes for kids  (FNRI)
  Special considerations in the design of trials involving children  (FNRI)
  Special Foster Care for Exceptional Children: A Review of Programs and Policies  (STII)
  Special Turku coronary risk factor intervention project for babies (STRIP)  (FNRI)
  Specialized Foster Care and Group Home Care: Similarities and Differences in the Characteristics of Children in Care  (STII)
  Sputum eosinophil level in children with mild, moderate to severe exacerbation and stable asthma  (STII)
  SSI for Children with Mental Disorders: Backgrounds and a Study of Participation  (STII)
  The state of the world's children 1982-'83  (FNRI)
  Strategy for children; a study of UNICEF assistance policies  (FNRI)
  Strategy for improved nutrition of children and women in developing countries  (FNRI)
  Stress response in school-age children who have been growth retarded since early childhood  (FNRI)
  Studies on enterobiasis in the Philippines  (STII)
  A Study of Depressive Characteristics in Behaviorally Disordered Children and Adolescents  (STII)
  A study on developmental changes of masticatory function in children  (STII)
  A study evaluating the accuracy of the proposed laboratory and clinical assessment of morbidity risk in kids (LAMOK) scoring system among dengue patients in tertiary hospitals  (PCHRD)
  Study on the longer-term nutritional impact of a maternal and child health program  (STII)
  Studying ailments of "children and their families"  (FNRI)
  Subjective global nutritional assessment for children  (FNRI)
  Suggestions for heart-healthy kids  (FNRI)
  Suppurative meningitis in infants and children  (STII)
  Survey on video games usage among 4th, 5th and 6th grade students in selected Metro Manila schools: Identifying its appeal to children  (PCHRD)
  Syndrome X: Tracing its roots in pediatrics  (PCHRD)
  Synergistic effect of zinc and vitamin A on the biochemical indexes of vitamin A nutrition in children  (FNRI)
  Tacrolimus ointment is an effective alternative to steroidal topical therapy for the treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in children  (PCHRD)
  Tacrolimus ointment is an effective alternative to steroidal topical therapy for the treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in children  (PCHRD)
  Take 10! Classroom-based program fights obesity by getting kids out of their seats  (FNRI)
  Talking about internal states in mother–child reminiscing
influences children’s self-representations: A cross-cultural
  Taste sensitivity to 6-n-propylthiouracil predicts acceptance of bitter-tasting spinach in 3-6-y-old children  (FNRI)
  TB in children: Insuring identification of TB symptomatics among children  (PCHRD)
  Temporal association of serum lipids and insulin sensitivity in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Texture as a determinants in the acceptance of snack items by school children  (FNRI)
  A Theory of Children’s Services: Reflections on Epstein’s Indictment  (STII)
  Therapeutic approach to childhood obesity  (FNRI)
  Therapeutic effects of oral zinc in acute and persistent diarrhea in children in developing countries: pooled analysis of randomized controlle trials  (FNRI)
  Are Time and Action Dissociated in Young
Children’s Time Estimation?
  The TMCH program impact on the nutritional status of participating children in Metro Manila  (STII)
  A tool for determining age in months  (STII)
  Total-body and regional bone mineral content and areal bone mineral density in children aged 8-18 y: the Fels longitudinal study  (FNRI)
  Total energy expenditure, body fatness, and physical activity in children aged 6-9 y  (FNRI)
  Total energy expenditure and physical activity in prepubertal children: recent advances based on the application of the doubly labeled water method  (FNRI)
  Total energy expenditure and spontaneous activity in relation to training in obese boys  (FNRI)
  Toxic damage to the respiratory epithelium induces acute phase changes in vitamin A metabolism without depleting retinol stores of South African children  (FNRI)
  Trace element nutrition status and dietary intake of children with phenylketonuria  (FNRI)
  Tracing Developmental Trends in
Ira Gordon’s Programs for
Children and Families
  Training Undergraduates to Work With Children from Multiproblem Families: A Missing Piece in Calls for Action  (STII)
  Transferin kinetics are altered in children with severe protein-energy malnutrition  (FNRI)
  Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Friedrich Short Form of the Questionnaire on Resources and Stress (QRS-F) to measure the stress level of Filipino parents and other caregivers of children with disability  (STII)
  Transmission electron microscopy of microvilli of intestinal epithelial cells in celiac disease in remission and transient gluten enteropathy in children after a gluten free diet  (FNRI)
  Treating Child Welfare Children in Residential Settings  (STII)
  Treating obesity: what works?  (FNRI)
  Treatment of anemia with microencapsulated ferrous fumarate plus ascorbic acid supplied as sprinkles to complementary (weaning) foods  (FNRI)
  Treatment of intractable constipation in children : Experirience with cisapride  (FNRI)
  The treatment of intractable rejection with tacrolimus ( FK506 ) in pediatric liver transplant recipients  (FNRI)
  Treatment of iron deficiency in goitrous children improves the efficacy of iodized salt in Cote d'Ivoire  (FNRI)
  Treatment of severe hypertension in children with renal disease using intravenous nicardipine  (PCHRD)
  The Trend in the Income Status of Children in Female-Headed Families  (STII)
  Trends in breakfast consumption for children in the United States from 1965 to 1991  (FNRI)
  Trends in eating frequency and eating time span of children's dietary intakes from1973-1994: the Bogalusa heart study  (FNRI)
  Trends of obesity and underweight in older children and adolescents in the United States, Brazil, China, and Russia  (FNRI)
  Trial of a micronutrient dietary supplement to control deficiencies and improve child growth  (STII)
  Tumor necrosis factor-a not elevated in children with inflammatory bowel disease  (FNRI)
  On Tumors of the Colon and Rectum  (STII)
  Twenty-four-hour energy expenditure and its components in prepubertal children as determined by whole-body indirect calorimetry and compared with young adults  (FNRI)
  Type 2 diabetes on the rise in children: is the American lifestyle coming home to roost?  (FNRI)
  Ultrasound Imaging for Regional Anesthesia in Infants, Children, and Adolescents   (PCHRD)
  Unconditional love: The lived experience of Filipino mothers with first born child with cleft lip  (PCHRD)
  Unconditional love: The lived experience of Filipino mothers with first born child with cleft lip  (PCHRD)
  The underprivileged, dveloping country child: environmental contamination and growth failure revisited  (FNRI)
  Understanding Fililpino Children and youth  (STII)
  Understanding health beliefs of Chinese-American parents of preschool-aged children  (FNRI)
  Undertaking the challenge of improving complementary feeding of infants and young children  (FNRI)
  An Undiagnosed mediastinal mass  (STII)
  Unequal Treatment of AFDC Children by the Federal Government  (STII)
  UNICEF news  (STII)
  UNICEF news  (STII)
  Update on nutrition therapy for children with IDDM  (FNRI)
  Updates on nutrition of school children  (FNRI)
  Upper gastrointestinal motor abnormalities in children with active celiac disease  (FNRI)
  Urinary arsenic metabolites in children and adults exposed to arsenic in drinking water in Inner Mongolia, China  (STII)
  Urinary excretion of retinol in children with acute diarrhea  (FNRI)
  Urinary levoglucosan as a biomarker of wood smoke exposure  (STII)
  Urinary retinol excretion and kidney function in children with shigellosis  (FNRI)
  Urinary tract infection in children  (STII)
  Using the CBCL to Determine the Clinical Status of Children in State Custody  (STII)
  Using formative research to design a bone health campaign for low-income Latinas  (FNRI)
  Utilization of Health Care by Foster Children: Application of a Theoretical Model  (STII)
  Validation of estimates of energy intake by weighed dietary record and diet history in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Validation of a Filipino Translation of the Children's Dermatology Life Quality Index Text Version  (STII)
  Validation of a food-frequency instrument for dietary assessment of young children attending daycare centers  (FNRI)
  Validation of low fat and fat free food exposure and preference measures among 9 to 12 year old children  (FNRI)
  Validation of a screening instrument for pediatric psychosocial disorders  (STII)
  Validity of body mass index compared with other body-composition screening indexes for the assessment of body fatness in children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  The validity of predicted body fat percent in Chinese children with Caucasian prediction formulas  (FNRI)
  Validity of reported energy intake in preadolescent girls  (FNRI)
  Variations and determinants of energy expenditure as measured by whole-body indirect calorimetry during puberty and adolescence  (FNRI)
  Visceral abdominal fat is correlated with whole-body fat and physical activity among 8-y old children at risk of obesity  (FNRI)
  Vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron content of federally funded preschool lunches in Virgina  (FNRI)
  Vitamin B-6 status of school agent patients with phenylktonuria  (FNRI)
  Vitamin B12 and folic acid absorption and hematological status in children with postenteritis enteropathy  (FNRI)
  Vitamin D, calcium, and bone status in children with developmental delay in relation to anticonvulsant use and ambulatory status  (FNRI)
  Vitamin D insufficiency in children, adolescents, and young adults with cystic fibrosis despite routine oral supplementation  (FNRI)
  Vitamin D status in children, adolescents, and young adults with Crohn disease  (FNRI)
  Vitamin A deficiency prevalent  (PCHRD)
  Vitamin A and iron deficiency  (FNRI)
  Vitamin A supplementation, morbidity, and serum acute-phase proteins in young Ghanaian children  (FNRI)
  Vitamin A supplementation in iodine-deficient African children decreases thyrotropin stimulation of the thyroid and reduces the goiter rate  (FNRI)
  Vitamin A supplementation and severity of pneumonia in children admitted to the hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  (FNRI)
  Vocal Characteristics in Children With Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  Vocalization and Breathing During the Second and Third Years of Life  (STII)
  War experiences and psychological symptoms among children in evacuation centers of armed conflict areas of Carmen, Cotabato   (PCHRD)
  Water arsenic exposure and intellectual function in 6-year-old children in Araihazar, Bangladesh  (STII)
  Weight-for-stature compared with body mass index-for-age growth charts for the United States from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (FNRI)
  Weight gain of Kenya school children infected with hookworm, Trichuris trichiura and Ascaris lumbricoides is improved following once- or twice-yearly treatment with albendazole  (FNRI)
  Welfare Reform and High School Dropout Patterns for Children  (STII)
  A western blot study of the IgG response of splenomegalic asymptomatic children in a focus of malaria transmission in Palawan, the Philippines  (STII)
  What motivates the Asian child  (STII)
  Whole-body protein kinetics in children with kwashiorkor and infection: a comparison of egg white and milk as dietary sources of protein  (FNRI)
  Whole-body protein kinetics in marasmus and kwashiorkor during acute infection  (FNRI)
  Whole-body protein turnover and resting energy expenditure in obese, prepubertal children  (FNRI)
  Why do kids eat healthful food? Perceived benefits of and barriers to healthful eating and physical activity among children and adolescents  (FNRI)
  Why kids should get busy in the kitchen  (STII)
  Why are nutritionally stunted children at increased risk of obesity? Studies of metabolic rate and fat oxidation in shantytown children from Sao Paulo, Brazil  (FNRI)
  WIC children weaned late from the bottle have more ear infections  (FNRI)
  Wilson disease among Filipino children  (STII)
  Between and within subjects variation in nutrient intake from infancy to old age: estimating the number of days required to rank dietary intakes with desired precision  (FNRI)
  Women's work and children's nutrition in south-western Kenya  (FNRI)
  Women's empowerment and domestic violence: the role of sociocultural determinants in maternal and child undernutrition in tribal and rural communities in South India  (FNRI)
  Working with the food-allergic child  (FNRI)
  Working group session report: special considerations in trials involving children  (FNRI)
  Young children's storybooks as a source of
mental state information
  Zinc and rehabilitation from severe protein-energy malnutrition: higher-dose regimens are associated with increased mortality  (FNRI)
  Zinc status, physical growth and cognitive development of 2-3-year old children in Laguna, Philippines  (STII)
  Does zinc supplementation improve growth in children who fail to thrive?  (FNRI)
  Zinc supplementation reduced cost and duration of acute diarrhea in children  (PCHRD)
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