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There are 542 available Holdings based on Growth
  Abomasal infusion of casein enhances nitrogen retention in somatotropin-treated steers  (FNRI)
  Adaptive role of energy expenditure in modulating body fat and protein deposition during catch-up growth after early undernutrition  (FNRI)
  Adjustment with a human face (selected reprint)  (FNRI)
  Adolescent growth  (FNRI)
  Age, growth and reproduction of the Morocco dentex Dentex maroccanus of the eastern coast of Algeria  (STII)
  Age-based growth variation of green-blotched parrotfish Scarus quoyi in the Southern Philippine Seas  (STII)
  Age and growth of flathead, Platycephalus indicus from the Persian Gulf (Bandar Abbas, Iran)  (STII)
  Age and growth of franciscana dophins, pontoporia blainvillei (Cetacea: Pontoporiidae) incidentally caught off southern Brazil and northen Argentina  (STII)
  Age and growth of three species of Siganus in the wild and in captivity: a comparative study based on their otoliths' daily rings.  (PCARRD)
  Age of introduction of complementary foods and growth of term, low-birth-weight, breast-fed infants: a randomized intervention study in Honduras  (FNRI)
  AM fungal association with Tagetes erecta L. and their impact on plant growth  (STII)
  An analytical approach for exploring the importance of dietary quality versus quantity in the growth of Mexican children  (FNRI)
  Anthelmintic treatment of rural Bangladeshi children: effect on host physiology, growth, and biochemical status  (FNRI)
  Anthropometric reference data for international use: recommendations from a World Health Organization Expert Committee  (FNRI)
  Appetite suppression and growth in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder taking psychostimulant medications  (FNRI)
  Apportioning histidine requirements for maintenance versus growth  (FNRI)
  Apportioning isoleucine requirments for maintenance versus growth of rats  (FNRI)
  Apportioning leucine requirements for maintenance versus growth for rats  (FNRI)
  Apportioning methionine requirements for maintenance versus growth of rats  (FNRI)
  Apportioning threonine requirements for maintenance versus growth for rats  (FNRI)
  Apportioning tryptophan requirements for maintenance versus growth of rats  (FNRI)
  Appotioning valine requirements for maintenance versus growth for rats  (FNRI)
  Arachidonic acid- and docosahexaenoic acid-enriched formulas modulate antigen-specific T cell responses to influenza virus in neonatal piglets  (FNRI)
  Asimple technique to feed newborn piglets  (FNRI)
  Some aspects of the population biology of the green tiger prawn Penaeus semisulcatus (De Haan, 1844) from Pilar and Capiz Bays, Northern Panay, West Central Philippines  (STII)
  Use of Ass' milk in multiple food allergy  (FNRI)
  Assessment of obesity in children  (FNRI)
  Association between protein intake and 1-y wieght and height gains in Bangladeshi children aged 3-11 y  (FNRI)
  Associations between oral health-related impacts and rate of weight gain after extraction of pulpally involved teeth in underweight preschool Filipino children  (PCHRD)
  Associations between oral health-related impacts and rate of weight gain after extraction of pulpally involved teeth in underweight preschool Filipino children  (PCHRD)
  Augmentation of protein synthesis and degradation by poor dietary amino acid balance in european sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)  (FNRI)
  Barley B-glucans alter intestinal viscosity and reduce plasma cholesterol concentrationss in chicks  (FNRI)
  Baseline for economic model of low carbon technology  (STII)
  Biological characteristics of blue shark, Prionace glauca, in the Mediterranean Sea   (STII)
  Biomass production and quality of new forages for sowing under cashews in Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia)  (STII)
  Blue-green algae as nitrogen fixers in rice and rice-fish paddies, 1981.  (PCARRD)
  Body composition in children with sickle cell disease  (FNRI)
  Body composition and fat distribution during the first 2 weeks of gestation in ad lib. fed and energy - restricted rats  (FNRI)
  Body composition and fat distribution during the first 2 weeks ofgestation in ad lib-fed and energy-restricted rats  (FNRI)
  Body composition in myelomeningocele  (FNRI)
  Body fat in neonates and young infants: validation of skinfold thickness versus dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry  (FNRI)
  Bone mineral and calcium accretion during puberty  (FNRI)
  Boron stimulates embryonic trout growth  (FNRI)
  Boron stimulates yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) growth  (FNRI)
  Breast-fed infants are leaner than formula-fed infants at 1 y of age : the DARLING study  (FNRI)
  Breast-feeding duration and growth of fully breast-fed infants in a poor urban Chilean populations  (FNRI)
  Breast-feeding and growth in Brazilian infants  (FNRI)
  Breast-feeding and growth in Brazilian infants  (FNRI)
  Bud-take and growth of cacao hybrids on trinitario rootstock as influenced by sizes of stock and nitrogen application.  (PCARRD)
  Calcium balance during human growth : evidence for threshold behavior  (FNRI)
  Calcium metabolism and calcium requirements during skeletal modeling and consolidation of bone mass  (FNRI)
  A CFD-based nucleation-growth-removal model for inclusion behavior in a gas-agitated ladle during molten steel deoxidation  (STII)
  The child with protein-energy malnutrition (physiological adaptation)  (FNRI)
  Chrysogorgia from the New England and corner Seamounts  (STII)
  Coconut-based forage crops and beef cattle production system under Central Mindanao condition.  (PCARRD)
  Now comes the bionic chicken  (STII)
  Community-based controlled trial of dietary management of children with persistent diarrhea: sustained beneficial effect on ponderal and linear growth  (FNRI)
  Comparative analysis of the diet, growth and reproduction of the soles, Solea solea and Solea senegalensis, occurring in sympatry along the Portugues coast  (STII)
  Comparative effect of amino acid mixtures with or without asparagine and glutamine on growth of rats  (FNRI)
  Comparative effects of bareroot and potted bareroot of some dipterocarp wildlings outplanted in shaded ipil-ipil stand and open areas.  (PCARRD)
  Comparative effects of mash and crumble feeds on the growth performance and carcass yield of Laguna duck.  (PCARRD)
  Comparative effects of two site preparation techniques on the survival and growth of Eucalyptus deglupta.  (PCARRD)
  Comparative growth rates and competition between Clarias macrocephalus and Clarias batrachus at two densities.  (PCARRD)
  Comparative studies on the growth and yield of shiitake mushroom (Lentinus Edodes)
on different substrates
  A comparative study on the growth, nutritional status, and psychosocial characteristics of children with homes and children in child caring institutions  (PCHRD)
  A comparative study on the growth, nutritional status, and psychosocial characteristics of children with homes and children in child caring institutions  (PCHRD)
  A comparative study of the effects of shallow and deep tillage practices on the growth and yield of tomato.  (PCARRD)
  A comparison of anthropometric classifications for nutritional status determination: a case... s tudy in the Philippines  (PCHRD)
  Comparison of the effects of cassava ( Manihot esculenta crantz ) organic cyanide and inorganiccyanide on muscle and bone development in a Nigerian breed of dog  (FNRI)
  Comparison of the effects of zinc delivered in a fortified food or a liquid supplement on the growth, morbidity, and plasma zinc concentrations of young Peruvian children  (FNRI)
  Comparison of growth status of patients with cystic fibrosis between the United States and Canada  (FNRI)
  Comparison of growth and survival of salago species propagated by cutting.  (PCARRD)
  Competition between lowland rice and Paspalum distichum L.  (PCARRD)
  Conceptual model of aquatic plant decay and ammonia toxicity for shallow lakes  (STII)
  Considerations in planning vegan diets: children  (FNRI)
  Coordinated investing with feedback and learning  (STII)
  Corn: screening under greenhouse condition: drought imposed at seedling to vegetative stage.  (PCARRD)
  The cost of successful adolescent growth and development in girls in relation to iron and vitamin A status  (FNRI)
  Critical period and frequency of manual weeding on the growth and yield of vegetables.  (PCARRD)
  Daylength, temperature and variety effects on growth and sexual reproduction of white potato.  (PCARRD)
  Decreased stature associated with moderate blood lead concentrations in Mexican children  (FNRI)
  Description of the root system of a Moluccan sau (Albizia falcataria (L) Fosb) tree


  Development of breeding systems to improve the genetic potential of the Philippine native chickens  (PCARRD)
  Development and testing of the AIN-93 purified diets for rodents: results on growth, kidney calcification and bone mineralization in rats and mice  (FNRI)
  Developmental response of the brown-winged green bug, Plautia stali (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), to food shortage  (STII)
  Diarrhea, respiratory infections, and growth are not affected by a weekly low-dose vitamin A supplement : a masked, controlled field trial in children in Southern India  (FNRI)
  Diet selection in sheep : the ability of growing lambs to select a diet that meets their crude protein ( nitrogen x 6.25 ) requirements  (FNRI)
  Dietary chromic oxide does not affect the utilization of organic compounds but can alter the utilization of mineral salts in gilthead sea bream sparus aurata  (FNRI)
  Dietary chromium supplementation with or without somatotropin treatment alters serum hormones and metabolites in growing pigs without affecting growth performance  (FNRI)
  Dietary conjugated linoleic acids increase lean tissue and decrease fat deposition in growing pigs  (FNRI)
  Dietary fat intake and body mass index in Spanish children  (FNRI)
  Dietary fats and cholesterol in Italia infants and children  (FNRI)
  Dietary glycine: its importance in growth and development of the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)  (FNRI)
  Dietary intake and anthropometric status of persons with severe physical and developmental disabilities  (FNRI)
  Dietary level of maize oil affects growth and lipid composition of walker 256 carcinosarcoma  (FNRI)
  Dietary level of maize oil affects growth and lipid composition of Walker 256 carcinosarcoma  (FNRI)
  Dietary plasma protein reduces small intestinal growth and lamina propria cell density in early weaned pigs  (FNRI)
  Differences in energy intake affect body composition and adipose tissue accretion in young growing piglets  (FNRI)
  Discussion  (FNRI)
  Distribution pattern, density and growth of the stout razor clam Tagelus plebeius in a South-west Atlantic estuarine system  (STII)
  A double-blind, placebo-controlled, glutamine-supplementation trial in growth-faltering Gambian infants  (FNRI)
  Dried poultry manure and leucaena in rice-based blended diets for dairy cattle.  (PCARRD)
  Drought tolerance of wheat genotypes using stress-inducing agents during selection  (STII)
  Dry matter accumulation and nutrient uptake of 'BNAS 51' sweet potato at different stages of growth  (STII)
  Early infant feeding and growth status of US-born infants and children aged 4-71 mo: analyses from the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1988-1994  (FNRI)
  Early posthatch starvation decreases satellite cell proliferation and skeletal muscle growth in chicks  (FNRI)
  Ecological aspects of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica, collected from coastal areas of Japan   (STII)
  The economics of interplanting agricultural crops during the establishment of Benguet pine stand.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of bokashi and potassium on growth and yield of onion  (STII)
  The effect of an anabolic steriods, methenolone enanthate, on growth, body composition and skeletal muscle protein synthesis in the growing rat  (FNRI)
  Effect of artificial feed and fertilization of ponds on growth and body composition of genetically improved farmed tilapia  (STII)
  Effect of breast feeding on the plasma cholesterol and growth of infants  (FNRI)
  Effect of daily and weekly micronutrient supplementation on micronutrient deficiencies and growth in young vietnamese children  (FNRI)
  Effect of dietary protein quality, feed restriction and short-term fasting on protein synthesis and turnover in tissues of the growing chicken  (FNRI)
  Effect of dietary protein source on feed intake, growth, pancreatic enzyme activities and jejunal morphology in newly-weaned piglets  (FNRI)
  Effect of enteral tube feeding on growth of children with symptomatic human immunodeficiency virus infection  (FNRI)
  Effect of feeding frequency and rate of commercial feed on growth and feed utilization in tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) postlarvae  (STII)
  Effect of fortification of drinking water with iron plus ascorbic acid or with ascorbic acid alone on hemoglobin values and anthropometric indicators in preschool children in day-care centers in Southeast Brazil  (FNRI)
  Effect of gluten-free diet on bone mineral content in growing patients with celiac disease  (FNRI)
  The effect of growth hormone treatment on growth in zinc deficient rats  (FNRI)
  The effect of growth phases of Tetraselmis tetrahele (Butcher) on the early feeding stages of development of Penaeus monodon Fabricius.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of linoleic acid intake on growth of infants with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  Effect of long-chain n-3 fatty acid supplementation on visual acuity and growth of preterm infants with and without bronchopulmonary dysplasia  (FNRI)
  Effect of long term feeding of palm oil on growth and lipid metabolism in rats  (FNRI)
  Effect of low pH on the growth, physiological characteristics and nutrient absorption of sago palm in a hydroponic system  (STII)
  The effect of milk consumption on growth in children with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  Effect of nitrogen on blister growth process during high temperature oxidation of steel  (STII)
  The effect of nitrogen levels applied to peanut on the growth of both rubber and peanut intercrop.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of different fertilizer combination on the growth, nut and oil yield of some seed and essential oil producing species.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of different levels of the concentrate supplementation in the fermented ammoniated whey (FAW) treated rice straw based ration on the growth performance of goats.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of different positions of weeds on the growth and yield of cotton.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of feeding fresh ipil-ipil [Leucaena leucocphala (Lam) de Wit] leaves on the growth and reproductive functions of mature rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus).  (PCARRD)
  Effect of fertilization on the growth and survival of Mindoro pine seedlings at various ages.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of Helminthosporium maydis Nish and Miyaki infection on Zea mays Linn. at different stages of growth.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of moisture stress on growth, leaf water loss rate and phenological development of tef (Eragrostis tef)  (FPRDI)
  The effect of operant conditioning on the growth performance of weanling pigs.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of shower and ventilation on the growth performance of weanling pigs.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of showering frequency on the growth performance of weanling pigs.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of site preparation and post-planting treatments on different morphological grades of leucaena.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of sources of nitrogen on growth and yield of hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens)  (FPRDI)
  Effect of spacing on the growth and development of malapapaya [Polyscias nodosa (Blume) seem] for matchwood.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of stump planting and fertilization on the growth and survival of narra (Pterocarpus vidalianus Rolfe).  (PCARRD)
  The effect of tethering on the growth performance of goats.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of thinning and NPK fertilizer on the growth and seed production of yemane (Gmelina arborea Roxb.) for reforestation.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of thinning on the diameter and height growth of Bakawan species in Bohol province.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of various food types on the growth, survival and production of seabass in brackishwater earthen ponds.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of pH, acidulant, sodium chloride and temperature on the growth of listeria monocytogenes  (FNRI)
  Effect of photoperiod on the growth and yield of different cotton (Gossypium spp.) varieties.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of ration on behaviour, food consumption and growth in juvenile greenback flounder (Rhombosolea Tapirina: Teleostei)  (STII)
  Effect of replacing groundnut-cake with expeller and solvent extracted mustard-cake on growth and nutrient utilization in buffalo calves.   (STII)
  The effect of spacing on the growth and yield characters of sweet potato varieties.  (PCARRD)
  The effect of stocking densities on the growth, survival and reproduction on intensively fed nile tilapia in brackishwater ponds.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of stocking densities on the survival and growth of wild and hatchery-produced sugpo (Penaeaus monodon Fabricius) fry in nursery ponds with artificial shelters.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of supplemental zinc on the growth and serum zinc concentrations of prepubertal children: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials  (FNRI)
  Effect of supplementing inorganic fertilizer with organic fertilizer on growth and yield on rice-cowpea mixed crop  (STII)
  Effect of synbiotics on catch-up growth in preschool children  (FNRI)
  The effects of thinning on the growth of premium hardwood species.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of various forms of dietary chromium on growth and body composition in the rat  (FNRI)
  Effect of vitamin Asupplementation on the growth of young children in northern Ghana  (FNRI)
  Effect of zinc supplementation between 1 and 6 mo of life on growth and morbidity of Bangladeshi infants in urban slums  (FNRI)
  Effect of zinc supplementation on growth and body composition in children with sickle cell disease  (FNRI)
  Effect of zinc supplementation on growth and body composition of Ugandan preschool children: a randomized, controlled, intervention trial  (FNRI)
  Effects of alpha galactosidase supplementation on the growth performance of broilers  (PCARRD)
  Effects of childhood malnutrition on insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and IGF-binding protein-3 levels: a Malaysian and New Zealand analysis  (FNRI)
  Effects of dietary fat on the growth of Nile tilapia (Tilapia nilotica) fingerlings.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of gibberellic acid on the survival and initial height growth of planted red lauan, mayapis and tanguile wildlings.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of growth regulators and fertilizers on the growth and yield of winged beans (Psophocarpus tetragonolubus (L.) D.C).  (PCARRD)
  Effects of human milk or formula feeding on the growth, behavior, nad protein status of preterm infants discharged from the newborn intensive care unit  (FNRI)
  Effects of levels of dietary protein and digestible energy on growth, feed utilization and body composition of growing mice  (FNRI)
  Effects of lysine supplemented diets on growth and skeletal density of pre-adolescent children  (FNRI)
  The effects of mulching and fertilization on the growth and yield of pickling cucumber (Cucumis sativus Linn.).  (PCARRD)
  Effects of different degrees of shades on the survival and growth of some Cinchona species.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of different levels of soil inoculant on the growth and yield of peanut (var. native red) under DMMMSU conditions.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of different potting media on the growth and development of some fuelwood species.  (PCARRD)
  The effects of hardening-off treatment on the growth and survival of outplanted premium hardwood species.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of ipil-ipil as organic fertilizer on root crops.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on the growth and wood properties of gubas.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of nut trimming and chlorine sources on germination and growth of coconut seedlings.  (PCARRD)
  The effects of plant density and NPK rates on the growth and yield of spineless romblon (Pandanus sabutan).  (PCARRD)
  Effects of seeding method, seed inoculation and soil nodulation, nitrogen fixation and growth of Leucaena cv K8.  (PCARRD)
  The effects of spacing and cover-cropping on the growth and survival of essential oil producing species.  (PCARRD)
  The effects of the type of farrowing stalls and sow groupings at farrowing on the survival and performance of piglets.  (PCARRD)
  The effects of thinning intensities on the growth and development of apitong for poles and piles.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of time of planting on the survival and growth of four forest tree species.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of water movement and aeration system on the survival and growth of hatchery bred sugpo (Penaeus monodon) in earthen nursery ponds.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of pyruvate on the metabolism and insulin resistance of obese Zucker rats  (FNRI)
  The effects of salinity on the density, shell size and survival of a mangrove gastropod: laboratory and field evidence  (STII)
  Effects of Salinity on the Survival, Growth, Development, and Metamorphosis of Fejervarya limnocharis Tadpoles Living in Brackish Water   (STII)
  Effects of single and mixed inocula of VAM fungi on the growth and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annus L.)  (STII)
  Effects of stevioside, a natural sweetener, on intestinal glucose absorption in hamsters  (FNRI)
  Effects of Temperature, Sowing Depth and Soil Hardness on Seedling Establishment and Yield of Cambodian Rice Direct-seeded in Flood Paddy Fields  (STII)
  The effects of some transpiration-reducing compounds on the water relations, growth and survival of kaataon bangkal (Anthocephalus chinensis, Lank. Rich. Ex. Walp) and yemane (Gmelina arborea, Roxb.) seedlings.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of varying levels of dietary protien on growth and reproductive potential in Bailius bakeri.  (STII)
  Effects of water deficit and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth, yield and fruit quality of processing and fresh market varieties of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.).  (PCARRD)
  Effects of water movement and aeration system on the survival and growth of hatchery bred sugpo (Penaeus monodon fabricius) in earthen nursery ponds.  (PCARRD)
  Efficiency and safety of using protein sparing modified fast in pediatric and adolescent obesity treatment  (FNRI)
  Endomycorrhizae in peanut cultivars.  (PCARRD)
  Energy partitioning and modeling in animal nutrition  (FNRI)
  Energy and protein intakes of breast-fed and formula fed infants during the first year of life and their association with growth velocity : the DARLING study  (FNRI)
  Energy utilization and growth in breast-fed and formula-fed infants measured prospectively during the first year of life  (FNRI)
  Eradication of wild daisy (Wedelia trilobata (L.) Hitche) using different levels of herbicide  (STII)
  Establishment of giant Leucaena plantations by direct seedlings and planting cuttings.  (PCARRD)
  Estimation of total body water in very-low-birth-weight infants by using anthropometry with and without bioelectrical impedance and H2[18O]  (FNRI)
  Eucalypts for Northland:  (FPRDI)
  Eucalyptus species trial.  (PCARRD)
  Evaluation of different cutting regimes on the growth and development of the residuals and reproduction.  (PCARRD)
  Evaluation of protein-enriched rootcrops in the growth performance and carcass characteristics of broilers and growing finishing pigs.  (PCARRD)
  Evaluation of protein-enriched rootcrops in the growth performance and carcass characteristics of broilers and growing finishing pigs.  (PCARRD)
  Regional evaluation trial for pasture crops  (PCARRD)
  Evidence of altered central nervous system development in infants with iron deficiency anemia at 6 mo: delayed maturation of auditory brainstem responses  (FNRI)
  Evolution of Non-Metallic Inclusions in Secondary Steelmaking: Learning from Inclusion Size Distributions  (STII)
  Evolution of Reptilian Viviparity: A Test of the Maternal Manipulation Hypothesis in a Temperate Snake, Gloydius brevicaudus (Viperidae)  (STII)
  Exposure effect on diameter and height growth of Benguet pine.  (PCARRD)
  Expression of the insecticidal bean a-amylase inhibitor transgene has minimal detrimental effect on the nutritional value of peas fed to rats at 30% of the diet  (FNRI)
  Expressions of c-myc and insulin like growth factor 1 mRNA in the liver of growing rats vary reciprocally in response to changes in dietary protein  (FNRI)
  Can extrauterine growth approximate intrauterine growth? Should it?  (FNRI)
  Factors affecting seedling establishment.  (PCARRD)
  Some factors associated with sugarcane-weed competition.  (PCARRD)
  Fat and energy needs of children in developing countries  (FNRI)
  Fatty acids and early human growth  (FNRI)
  Feed consumption, growth and growth efficeincy of rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss \{walbaum\} ) fed on diets containing a bacterial single-cell protein  (FNRI)
  Feeding and management of kids: effects of feeding systems and milk replacers on goat kids growth and health performance.  (PCARRD)
  Feeding and managements systems for growing-finishing pigs at three micro-climatic conditions in Laguna.  (PCARRD)
  Feeding patterns in seagrass beds of three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus juveniles at different growth stages  (STII)
  Fertilization of potted gubas (Endospermum peltatum Merr.) seedlings in the nursery  (STII)
  Field performance of morphologically graded Benguet pine (Pinus insularis Endl.) planting stock.  (PCARRD)
  Our Filipino children  (FNRI)
  Folate catabolism is related to growth rate in weanling rats  (FNRI)
  Folate requirement of growing kittens to prevent elevated formiminoglutamic acid excretion following histidine loading  (FNRI)
  Food intake and growth in the Maasai  (FNRI)
  Food reserves consumption and seedling growth in coconut.  (PCARRD)
  Forest biotechnology for the production of genetically superior planting stocks for industrial tree plantations in the Philippines: Data base for the response of leguminous trees to biofertilizers (VA mycorrhiza and Rhizobium), organic and chemical fertilizers  (PCARRD)
  Gender bias in food intake favors male preschool Guatemalan children  (FNRI)
  Genetic and environmental determination of tracking in subcutaneous fat distribution during adolescence  (FNRI)
  Germplasm collection, maintenance and exchange.  (PCARRD)
  Global patterns of child health: the role of nutrition  (FNRI)
  Growth  (ITDI)
  Growth, Biomass, and Allometry of Resprouting Shrubs after Fire in Scrubby Flatwoods  (STII)
  Growth, development, and physical fitness of Flemish vegetarian children, adolescents, and young adults  (FNRI)
  Growth, maturation, and aging  (STII)
  Growth, maturation, and aging  (ITDI)
  Growth, morbidity, and mortality of children in Dhaka after treatment for severe malnutrition: a prospective study  (FNRI)
  Growth, mortality and yield per recruit of johnieops vogleri (bleeker) from Mumbai waters  (STII)
  Growth, Survival, Proximate and Fatty Acid Composition of Sandworm Perinereis quatrefagesi (Grube, 1878) Fed Variable Feed Types  (STII)
  Growth, thermogenesis, and hyperphagia  (FNRI)
  Growth, yield and economic rotations of bagras pulp timber in the PICOP plantations.  (PCARRD)
  Growth of Abalone Haliotis asinina Fed With Hydropuntia edulis, Singly or in Combination With Other Red Algae in Sea Cages in Tondol, Anda, Pangasinan, Northern Philippines  (STII)
  Growth and development of white lauan (Shorea contorta Vidal) seedlings under different soil cover at the Magat Experiment Forest.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and flowering habits, floral biology and yield of rambutan (Nephelium lapppaceum Linn.).  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of morphologically graded fuelwood species under different methods of weeding.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of outplanted premium hardwoods as affected by top and root pruning.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of selected mangrove wildlings as affected by potting soil media and types of manure.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of the spiny lobsters (Panulirus ornatus) in cages using two stocking densities at Guiuan Lobster Farm.  (PCARRD)
  Growth assessment of rattan in existing natural stand and man-made plantation.  (PCARRD)
  Growth behavior and pattern of reproduction.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and body composition in children infected with the human immunodeficiency virus  (FNRI)
  Growth and body composition of periurban Guatemalan children in relation to zinc status : a longitudinal zinc intervention trial  (FNRI)
  Growth in children from the Wosera subdistrict, Papua New Guinea, in relation to energy and protein intakes and zinc status  (FNRI)
  Growth of coconut seedlings as influenced by different fertility levels in three soil types.  (PCARRD)
  Growth comparison between sex reversed and normal male Tilapia nilotica in cages with supplemental feeding.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and development of mungbean (Vigna radiata (l.) Wilczek) as affected by plant growth regulators and deflowering treatments.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and development of rhizophora in mangrove swamps in Tabaco, Albay  (PCARRD)
  The growth and development of Townsville stylo (Stylosanthes humilis HBK)  (STII)
  Growth and feed utilization efficiency of Osteobrama belangeri fed diets containing different levels of protein  (STII)
  Growth and fiber morphology of abaca (Musa textilis Nee) ratoons as influenced by plant density and N level.  (PCARRD)
  Growth improvements in children above 3 years of age: the cali study  (FNRI)
  Growth of juvenile green iguanas (Iguana iguana) fed four diets  (FNRI)
  Growth monitoring: Philippines  (PCHRD)
  Growth monitoring: Philippines  (PCHRD)
  Growth and morphometrics of green iguanas (Iguana iguana) fed four levels of dietary protein  (FNRI)
  Growth and nutrient partitioning in a seventeen-year old mixed and pure stands of Anisoptera thurifera (Blanco) Blume and Acacia auriculiformis A. Cunn. ex Benth. at Caranglan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and nutritional outcomes of children treated with the ketogenic diet  (FNRI)
  Growth of Benguet pine (Pinus insularis Endl) in areas overseeded with nitrogen fixing species.  (PCARRD)
  Growth of Leucaena in different soils.  (PCARRD)
  Growth pattern and control of giant bulrush (Scheonoplectus grossus (L.f.) Palla.).  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance, breeding behavior and semen characteristics of purebred and crossbred boars.  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance and carcass yield of Laguna ducks reared under different floor space allowances.  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance and carcass traits of some UPLB-NSDB strains of pigs.  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance of Mallard ducks fed diets with different levels of rapeseed (Brassica sp) meal.  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance of peanut hay-fed goats in combination with ipil-ipil.  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance and organoleptic characteristics of meat of Philippine native chicken and their crosses with commercial broiler parental stock. Development of Breeding Systems to Improve the Genetic Potential of the Philippine Native chickens  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance and sensory characteristics of meat of Banaba native chicken, commercial broiler, and F1 progenies of Banaba x broiler parental stock mating. Development of Breeding Systems to Improve the Genetic Potential of the Philippine Native Chickens  (PCARRD)
  Growth performance of yemane (Gmelina arbores Roxb.) and mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King.) in three geographical locations in the Philippines.  (PCARRD)
  The growth physiology of mice fed different levels of native ipil-ipil leaf meal with or without ferrous sulfate (FeS04) supplement.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and plasma triiodothyronine concentrations are modified by selenium deficiency and repletion in second-generation selenium deficient rats  (FNRI)
  Growth and productivity of lowland rice (Oryza sativa L.) under different meteorological conditions imposed by varying the dates of planting in Agusan del Norte, Philippines  (PCARRD)
  Growth and pubertal development in children and adolescents: effect of diet and physical activity  (FNRI)
  Growth, redistribution and poverty  (NAST)
  Growth response of Bago (Gnetum gnemon) cuttings to various rooting agents  (STII)
  Growth response of Benguet pine seedlings after fertilization.  (PCARRD)
  Growth retardation in children receiving long-term total parenteral nutrition : effects of ornithine a-ketoglutarate  (FNRI)
  Growth rhythm of some reforestation species.  (PCARRD)
  Growth sporulation and pathogenicity of Cercospora nicotiane Ell. & EV.  (PCARRD)
  Growth survival and macronutrient composition of Penaeus monodon Fabricius larvae fed with Chaetoceros calcitrans and Tetraselmis chuii.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of wildlings malayakal and guijo transplanted in brushland forest.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of milkfish (Chanos chanos Forskal) and prawn (Penaeus monodon Fabricius) in a polyculture system.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of premium hardwood species planted in grassland.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and survival of rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus) at different stocking densities in floating net cages.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and water relations of cacao seedlings raised in different soil media and varying degrees of shade.  (PCARRD)
  Growth From Within: A Case of Desmoplastic Small Cell Round Tumor  (PCHRD)
  Growth From Within: A Case of Desmoplastic Small Cell Round Tumor  (PCHRD)
  Growth yield prediction and economic rotation of giant ipil-ipil at different spacing and thinning intensities.  (PCARRD)
  Growth and Yield of New Rice for Africa (NERICAs) under Different Ecosystems and Nitrogen Levels   (STII)
  The growth and yield of sweet potato and sorghum intercrop as influenced by time overlap and levels of nitrogen fertilization.  (PCARRD)
  Growth of young robusta coffee on Louisiana clay as influenced by fertilizer application.  (PCARRD)
  Growth, flowering and fruiting cycle in pili (Canarium ovatum Engl.)  (PCARRD)
  Growth, fruiting habit and yield of four strains of black pepper under four levels of fertilizer.  (PCARRD)
  Growth, survival and production of seabass in cages at varying stocking densities.  (PCARRD)
  Growth, yield and economic rotation of forest tree species.  (PCARRD)
  Growth, yield prediction and economic rotation of Albizia falcataria in selected plantations in Mindanao.  (PCARRD)
  GROWTH:Life Science Library  (RO9)
  Habitat Use in Irrigation Channels by the GOlden Venus Chub (Hemigrammocypris rasborella) at Different Growth Stages   (STII)
  Hardening off treatment of seedlings of firewood species as it affects their survival and early growth in plantation.  (PCARRD)
  Harvesting cycle and nitrogen requirement of three ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaudichaud) cultivars  (STII)
  Health and nutrition issues during childhood years  (FNRI)
  Health and nutrition status of the caregiver: effect on caregiving capacity  (FNRI)
  Impact of micronutrient deficiencies on growth: the stunting syndrome  (FNRI)
  Implementation of the WHO multicentre growth reference study in Brazil  (FNRI)
  Implementation of the WHO multicentre growth reference study in India  (FNRI)
  Implementation of the WHO multicentre growth reference study in Norway  (FNRI)
  Implementation of the WHO multicentre growth reference study in Oman  (FNRI)
  Implementation of the WHO multicentre growth reference study in the United States  (FNRI)
  Improved growth of low birthweight infants  (FNRI)
  Improvements of growth, appetite, and physical activity in helminth-infected schoolboys 6 months after single dose of albendazole  (FNRI)
  Improving trend of growth of Asian refugee children in the USA: evidence to support the importance of environmental factors on growth  (FNRI)
  Income inequality in the developing world  (STII)
  Inconsistencies in the findings of child nutrition surveys in Bangladesh  (FNRI)
  Induction of symbiosis in Tridacna crocea (C. Bivalvia, F. Tridacnidae) using Zooxanthellae from T. gigas and from T. crocea  (STII)
  Infant growth patterns in the slums of Dhaka in relation to birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation, and prematurity  (FNRI)
  Influence of dietary fat on the nutrient intake and growth of children from 1 to 5 y of age: the special Turku coronary risk factor intervention project  (FNRI)
  Influence of exercise-induced maternal stress on fetal outcome in Wistar rats : inter-generational effects  (FNRI)
  Influence of growth and reproductive cycle on the meat yield and proximate composition of Hexaplex trunculus (Gastropoda: Muricidae)   (STII)
  Influence of nitrogen balance and intestinal glucose absorption on growth of rats recovery from early undernutrition  (FNRI)
  Influence of nitrogen balance and intestinal glucose absorption on growth of rats recovery from early undernutrition  (FNRI)
  The influence of elevated and ground level flooring on the growth performance of goats.  (PCARRD)
  The influence of individual and group confinement on the growth performance of goats.  (PCARRD)
  Influence of planting material on growth and crop yield of Lakatan banana.  (PCARRD)
  The influence of sex and castration on the growth performance of goats.  (PCARRD)
  The influence of site factors and planting techniques on the establishment of mangrove plantation.  (PCARRD)
  Influence of soil incorporation of ipil-ipil and madre de cacao leaves on the growth and yield of cassava.  (PCARRD)
  Influence of sex, seasonality, ethnicity, and geographic location on the components of total energy expenditure in young children: implications for energy requirements  (FNRI)
  The interactive effects of dietary quality on the growth and attained size of young Mexican Children  (FNRI)
  Iron status, menarche, and calcium supplementation in adolescent girls  (FNRI)
  Iron supplementation improves appetite and growth in anemic Kenyan primary school children  (FNRI)
  Isolation and testing of rhizobial strains for modulating ability and nitrogen fixing capacity in Leucaena.  (PCARRD)
  ITDI contribution to the mushroom industry of the Philippines  (FNRI)
  Kaumana  (PCARRD)
  From Keynes to Solow to optimal growth  (STII)
  Laboratory and field studies on carpospore shedding and sporeling growth in Gracilaria sp. (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta).  (PCARRD)
  Learning to grow  (STII)
  Leptin and maternal growth during adolescent pregnance  (FNRI)
  Light and phosphorus interaction on growth nitrogen fixation and mineralization of Azolla pinnata  (FNRI)
  Linear growth after colectomy for ulcerative colitis in childhood  (FNRI)
  Linear growth retardation in Zanzibari school children  (FNRI)
  Long-term nutritional status of an enterally nourished institutionalized population  (FNRI)
  Long-term supplementation with iron does not enhance growth in malnourished Bangladeshi children  (FNRI)
  Longitudal assessment of growth, mineral metabolism, and bone mass in pediatric crohn's disease  (FNRI)
  Longitudinal changes in fatness in white children: no effect of childhood energy expenditure  (FNRI)
  Longitudinal growth in children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease  (FNRI)
  A longitudinal study of children's juice intake and growth: the juice controversy revisited  (FNRI)
  Macrobiotic nutrition and child health : results of a population-based, mixed-longitudinal cohort study in the Netherlands  (FNRI)
  Malnutrition: A hidden cost in health care  (FNRI)
  Malnutrition and dietary protein: evidence from China and from international comparisons  (FNRI)
  Management system by dietary treatment interactions on growth performance of Philippine Mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos): Performance testing of duck species and breeds under sub-optimal feeding system.  (PCARRD)
  Market structure and Schumpeterian growth  (STII)
  Maternal Anthropometry and infant feeding practices in Israel in relation to growth in infancy: the North African infant feeding study  (FNRI)
  The medicinal plants of the cultural minorities in the Mountain Province: Benguet, Mt. Province, Ifugao and Kalinga-Apayao.  (PCARRD)
  Mediterranean diet, Italian-style: protype of a healthy diet  (FNRI)
  Melatonin, but not Auxin, affects postnatal reproductive development in the Marsh Rice rat (Oryzomys palustris)  (STII)
  Methane emission and growth of rice varieties on Vertisols irrigated lowland  (STII)
  Methods of applying nitrogen of flue-cured tobacco.  (PCARRD)
  Methods of preparing for planting various reforestation site types.  (PCARRD)
  The minimum sodium requirement of growing kittens defined on the basis of plasma aldosterone concentration  (FNRI)
  Mitral Valve Replacement in Children under 3 Years of Age  (STII)
  Modeling pearlite transformation in super-high strength wire rods  (STII)
  Modeling pearlite transformation in super-high strength wire rods: II. Simulation in Fe-C base multi-component alloys  (STII)
  Moderate nutrient supplementation of mother's milk for preterm infants support adequate bone mass and short-term growth: a randomized, controlled trial  (FNRI)
  Modulation of behavioral performance of prepubertal monkeys by moderate dietary zinc deprivation  (FNRI)
  Monitoring growth in children with special health care needs  (FNRI)
  Morbidity and the growth of stunted and nonstunted children, and the effects of supplementation  (FNRI)
  Morphology and cellularity of brain and visceral organs of severely undernourished baby pigs are restored after eight weeks of refeeding  (FNRI)
  How mothers measure growth  (FNRI)
  Multiple micronutrient supplementation increases the growth of Mexican infants  (FNRI)
  How do Mycorrhiza and Rhizobium inoculation affect the growth of ipil-ipil (leucaena leucophala (lam.) de wit) seedlings  (STII)
  The national center for health statistics reference and the growth of Indian adolescent boys  (FNRI)
  Neonatal vitamin A supplementation: effect on development and growth at 3 y of age  (FNRI)
  Nitrogen metabolism in two coffee cultivation system during drought period of the rainy season  (STII)
  Nodulation, nitrogen fixation and growth pattern of Leucaena during seedling storage.  (PCARRD)
  Nutritional concerns for preschool-age children  (FNRI)
  Nutritional effects of feeding a ketoanalogue mixture in growing and adult uremic rats  (FNRI)
  Nutritional efficacy of a fortified weaning rusk in a rural area near Beijing  (FNRI)
  Nutritional factors and anticonvulsant therapies : Effect on growth in children with epilepsy  (FNRI)
  Nutritional management of cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  Nutritional needs and assessment of normal growth  (FNRI)
  Nutritional outcome and immmunocompetence in mice fed on a diet containing raw field beans ( vicia faba, var. minor ) as the source of protein  (FNRI)
  Nutritional requirements of promising coffee species as affected by various mulching materials.  (PCARRD)
  Nutritional status and growth in children with chronic hepatitis B  (FNRI)
  Nutritional status of infants with cystic fibrosis associated with early diagnosis and intervention  (FNRI)
  Nutritional supplementation, psychosocial stimulation and growth of stunted children : the Jamaican study  (FNRI)
  Observation on the performance of macapuno crosses.  (PCARRD)
  Oophorectomy in young rats impairs calcium balance by increasing intestinal calcium secretion  (FNRI)
  Optimal dietary substitution of racemic ketoanalogues for isoleucine in growing normal and uremic rats  (FNRI)
  The optimal protein requirements of juvenile mangrove red snapper, Lutjanus argentimaculatus Fed Isoenergetic diets  (STII)
  Organic and inorganic fertilizers and their combinations on growth and yield of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.).  (PCARRD)
  Orthotopic liver transplantation reverses the adverse nutritional changes of end-stage liver disease in children  (FNRI)
  Performance of cassava grown under fast growing tree species with different tree spacing.  (PCARRD)
  Performance to age 22 years of 49 Eucalypts in the Wairarapa district, New Zealand, and review of results from other trials  (FPRDI)
  Perinatal ontogeny of fatty acids binding protein activity in porcine small intestine  (FNRI)
  Permanent growth failure in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease  (FNRI)
  Phenology of Benguet pine and Mindoro pine in Northern and West Central Luzon.  (PCARRD)
  Phenology of selected industrial forest plantation species.  (PCARRD)
  Pheumonia, diarrhea, an growth in the first 4 y of life : a longitudinal study of 5914 urban Brazilian children  (FNRI)
  Physical activity and growth of Kenya school children with hookworm, Trichuris trichiura and Ascaris lumbricoides infections are improved after treatment with Albendazole  (FNRI)
  Physical fitness, growth and appetite of Kenyan school boys with hookworm, Trichuris trichiura and Ascaris lumbricoides infections are improved four months after a single dose of albendazole  (FNRI)
  Pigs need right protein and energy for better growth and reproduction  (PCARRD)
  Plant nutrition studies.  (PCARRD)
  Planting of fast-growing reforestation species by cutting in cluster: a deviation from the conventional reforestation planting methods.  (PCARRD)
  The political ecology of famine: The North Korean catastrophe and its lessons  (FNRI)
  Polyculture of male Tilapia mossambica and male Tilapia nilotica in fertilized ponds at two stocking densities.  (PCARRD)
  Population biology of Tripneustes gratilla (Linnaeus) (Echinodermata) in seagrass beds of Southern Guimaras, Philippines  (STII)
  Population of corn weevil (Cosmopolites sordidus Germar) and growth and yield of abaca (Musa yextiles Nee) as affected by cultural practices.  (PCARRD)
  Population dynamics of the harvested clam Anomalocardia brasiliana (Bivalvia: Veneridae) in Cidade Beach, south-east Brazil  (STII)
  Population dynamics of shrimp Pleoticus muelleri in an upwelling region and new implications for latitudinal gradient theories  (STII)
  Population education, environment and nutrition (PEEN): Philippine Version adapted from the Version for Asia 1993  (FNRI)
  Population problems in the pacific  (FNRI)
  Porcine somatotropin affects the dietary lysine requirement and net lysine utilization for growing pigs  (FNRI)
  Is positive deviance in growth simply the converse of negative deviance?  (FNRI)
  Post-weaning growth performance of three meat-type breeds of rabbits (Oryctolaqus cuniculus Linn.) and their crosses as influenced by three levels of nutrition.  (PCARRD)
  Pre-sowing hardening and water stress on sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) at different stages of growth.  (PCARRD)
  Production and growth of milkfish, common carp, and catfish in fertilized fresh-water ponds  (STII)
  The production performance of purebred Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc gilts.  (PCARRD)
  Prospective evaluation of growth, nutritional status, and body composition in children with cystic fibrosis  (FNRI)
  A prospective study: Growth and nutritional status of children treated with the ketogenic diet  (FNRI)
  The protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score method overestimates quality of proteins containing antinutritional factors and of poorly digestible proteins supplemented with limiting amino acids in rats  (FNRI)
  Protein synthesis is stimulated in nutritionally obese rats  (FNRI)
  Provenance trial of Pinus caribaea var. hondunensis.  (PCARRD)
  Quantitative assessment of infant body fat by anthropometry and total-body electrical conductivity  (FNRI)
  Randomized diet in the neonatal period and growth performance until 7.5-8 y of age in preterm children  (FNRI)
  A randomized intervention study of the effects of discontinuing coffee intake on growth and morbidity of iron-deficient Guatemalan toddlers  (FNRI)
  Randomized outcome trial of human milk fortification and developmental outcome in preterm infants  (FNRI)
  Randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial of the effect of a single high dose or daily low doses of vitamin A on the morbidity of hospitalized, malnourished children  (FNRI)
  A randomized trial of different ratios of linoleic to a-linolenic acid in the diet of term infants: effects on visual function and growth  (FNRI)
  Rate of growth, pork recovery and processing characteristics of pigs slaughtered at different weights.  (PCARRD)
  Reduced food intake in zinc deficient rats is normalized by megestrol acetate but not by insulin but not by insulin-like growth factor-1  (FNRI)
  The reef and man  (STII)
  Regional variety trials in citrus in Region IV.  (PCARRD)
  Regulation of proteolysis and optimal protein accretion in extremely premature newborns  (FNRI)
  Relationship between growth and acute lower-respiratory infections in children aged 5y in a highland populations of Papua New Guinea  (FNRI)
  The relationship between infants' preceding appetite, illness, and growth performance and mothers' subsequent feeding practice decisions  (STII)
  Relative effects of diarrhea, fever, and dietary energy intake on weight gain in rural Bangladeshi children  (FNRI)
  Relative merits of growth hormones on fruit set and fruit development of dwarf coconuts.  (PCARRD)
  The reproductive functions of Large White and Duroc Jersey pigs raised under two confinement systems.  (PCARRD)
  Reproductive parameters of curimbata (prochilodus lineatus) in the mogi-guaco river  (STII)
  Requirements for effective mycorrhizae.  (PCARRD)
  The response of growing-finishing pigs to floor space allowance and pen density on group confinement system.  (PCARRD)
  Response of leucaena to innoculation and phosphorus.  (PCARRD)
  Response of mango panicles to chemical sprays for improving fruit set, retention, and growth.  (PCARRD)
  Results of provenance testing of acacia dealbata, A. mearnsii, and other acacias at ages 7 and 5 years in New Zealand  (FPRDI)
  Schistosoma mansoni infection and nutritional status in schoolchildren: a randomized, double-blind trial in northeastern Brazil  (FNRI)
  Screening for nutrition interventions: the risk or the differential-benefit approach?  (FNRI)
  Screening of peanut and mungbean cultivars under coconut.  (PCARRD)
  Secular trend in growth measurements  (FNRI)
  Seedling age Influence rice (Oryza sativa L.) performance  (STII)
  Seedling age influence rice (oryza sativa l.) performance  (RO7)
  Separate and joint effects of micronutrient deficiencies on linear growth  (FNRI)
  Severe linear growth retardation in rural Zambian children: the influence of biological variables  (FNRI)
  Sexual differences in post-hatching Saunders's gulls  (STII)
  Sexual dimorphism on growth performance of progenies of 3-way cross among Pekin (Anas platyrhynchos), Philippine Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), and Muscovy (Cairina moschata).  (PCARRD)
  Sexual maturity of the swimming crab Callinectes danae (Crustacea: Protunidae) at the Santa Cruz Channel, a tropical coastal environment  (STII)
  Sexual size dimorphism and allometric growth of Morelet's crocodiles in captivity  (STII)
  Spacing effects on survival and growth of Benguet pine (Pinus insularis Endl.).  (PCARRD)
  Special Turku coronary risk factor intervention project for babies (STRIP)  (FNRI)
  Species and provenance trial of selected fuelwood species.  (PCARRD)
  Species association, growth and regeneration by area stratification of the Mangrove experimental forest at Pagbilao, Quezon.  (PCARRD)
  Stringybark eucalypts for New Zealand:  (FPRDI)
  Studies on coconut oil. I. Relation to growth and serum cholesterol levels in rats. II. Relation to bile acid excretion in man  (FNRI)
  Studies on the larval of marine fishes. Progress report  (STII)
  Studies on the mycorrhizal association of the ornamental orchid, Papilonanthe subulata (J. Koenig) Garay.  (STII)
  Studies of feeding leucaena leaves on growth and reproductive function of small ruminants.  (PCARRD)
  Study on crop yield as affected by varying degree of inundation.  (PCARRD)
  Study on the comparative response of upland crops to different drainage systems.  (PCARRD)
  Study on the early growth and development of viviparous seedlings.  (PCARRD)
  Study on the effects of suppressing growth of primary tillers on yield performance of sugarcane.  (PCARRD)
  Study on the growth and yield of pineapple at different spacing under coconut.  (PCARRD)
  A study on the planting distance of salago (Wikstoemia lanceolata Merr.).  (PCARRD)
  Subsequent responses to early diet cholesterol and feed restriction in swine  (FNRI)
  Supplemental irrigation to reduce risk of crop failure due to drought.  (PCARRD)
  Supplementary feeding counteracts effects of diarrhoea on growth  (FNRI)
  Supplementation with iron and folic acid enhances growth in adolescent Indian girls  (FNRI)
  Survival, growth and composition of Poecilia latipinna fry fed enriched Artemia nauplii  (STII)
  Survival and growth of giant bamboo (Gigantochloa aspera Kurz) and bayog (Dendrocalamus merillianus Elm) as affected by site preparation, method of propagation and fertilization.  (PCARRD)
  Survival and growth of mahogany, acacia and narra as affected by various sizes.  (PCARRD)
  Survival and growth of yemane at different spacing.  (PCARRD)
  Survival, growth and development of palasan and limuran suckers.  (PCARRD)
  Synthesis and accumulation of protein and carbohydrates along the rat villus column  (FNRI)
  Taxonomy, growth and mortality of slipmouths (Order Perciformes, Family Leiognathidae) in Manila Bay.  (PCARRD)
  Taxonomy, distribution and seasonality of Philippine species of Sargassum.  (PCARRD)
  Temperature shift effects on injury and death in listeria monocytogenes Scott A  (FNRI)
  Temporal and Rate of Vermicompost Application on Early Growth of Physic Nut (Jatropha Curcas L.) in Degraded Soil  (STII)
  Thinning natural sapling stand of Benguet pine.  (PCARRD)
  Time of sowing affects the growth and yield of sesame in a derived savanna agroecology of southeastern Nigeria  (RO7)
  Top soil application from various Benguet pine stand effect on the growth and survival of potted Pinus caribaea, P. eliotti seedlings.  (PCARRD)
  traditional  (PCARRD)
  trans Fatty acids: infant and fetal development  (FNRI)
  Trans fatty acids in infantile nutrition  (FNRI)
  Treatment of trichuris trichiura infections improves growth, spelling scores and school attendance in some children  (FNRI)
  Tree growth as a function of specific gravity  (STII)
  Tree-site index and soil-site index methods in developing growth and yield prediction models for Leucaena leucocephala (Lam) de Wit.  (PCARRD)
  Trial planting of Philippine commercial rattans under man-made forest plantation, agricultural plantation and second growth forest ecosystems.  (PCARRD)
  Trial planting of some reforestation species by cutting on beach areas in Oriental Mindoro.  (PCARRD)
  A trial of zinc supplementation in young rural Gambian children  (FNRI)
  Type of milk consumed can influence plasma concentrations of fatty acids and minerals and body composition in infant and weaning pigs  (FNRI)
  Types of planting stock and effect of planting time on the survival and growth of some fuelwood species in two climatic types of the Philippines.  (PCARRD)
  Undernutrition among Bedouin Arab children: a follow-up of the Bedouin infant feeding study  (FNRI)
  Underplanting narra and dao in giant ipil-ipil stand.  (PCARRD)
  The underprivileged, dveloping country child: environmental contamination and growth failure revisited  (FNRI)
  Urban and regional development as population policy: issues for the Mayor, Governor, and Director-General  (FNRI)
  Urinary calcium, sodium, and bone mass of young females  (FNRI)
  Urinary hydroxyproline: Relationship to growth, bone mineral content, and serum alkaline phosphatase level in premature infants  (FNRI)
  Utilization of microbial associations in peanut production (Mycorrhiza Component).  (PCARRD)
  Utilization of mycorrhizae for peanut production in sand dune areas, after rice and in upland soil.  (PCARRD)
  Utilization of ricehull and sawdust as components of vegetable growing media  (STII)
  Valencia  (PCARRD)
  Validation of annulus formation and growth estimation of South Atlantic swordfish  (STII)
  Varietal response to phosphorus and zinc fertilization under La Granja conditions.  (PCARRD)
  Vegetarian diets and children  (FNRI)
  Vertebral histomorphometry in a child with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis  (STII)
  Vitamin a supplementation does not improve growth of preschool children: a randomized double-blind field trial in South India  (FNRI)
  Vitamin A supplementation selectively improves the linear growth of Indonesian preschool children: results from a randomized controlled trial  (FNRI)
  Weaning in Southern Brazil: is there a "Weanling's Dilemma"?  (FNRI)
  Weanling rats display bioperiodicity of growth and food intake rates  (FNRI)
  Weeding effects on the growth of Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya, Royle ex Gordon).  (PCARRD)
  Weight gain of Kenya school children infected with hookworm, Trichuris trichiura and Ascaris lumbricoides is improved following once- or twice-yearly treatment with albendazole  (FNRI)
  White sturgeon tissue fatty acid compositions are affected by dietary lipids  (FNRI)
  Why is corruption less harmful in some countries than in others?  (STII)
  A yield prediction model for Swietenia macrophylla King plantation  (PCARRD)
  A yield prediction model for mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King) plantations  (STII)
  Zinc during and in convalescence from diarrhea has no demonstrable effect on subsequent morbidity and anthropometric status among infants 6 mo of age  (FNRI)
  The zinc nutriture of preschool children living in two African countries  (FNRI)
  Zinc and rehabilitation from severe protein-energy malnutrition: higher-dose regimens are associated with increased mortality  (FNRI)
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  Zinc supplementation of infant formula  (FNRI)
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