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There are 62 available Holdings based on Urea
  Activity-based protein profiling reveals off-target proteins on the FAAH inhibitor BIA 10-2474  (STII)
  Bromophenol blue binding as a probe to study urea and guanidine hydrochloride denaturation of bovine serum albumin   (STII)
  Chemical fertilizer replacement capability of mykovam biofertilizer for increased growth and fruit yield of okra  (STII)
  Cover urea soil and prevent nitrogen losses  (STII)
  Design and development of a manually operated urea supper granule (Usg) applicator  (STII)
  Dietary plasma protein reduces small intestinal growth and lamina propria cell density in early weaned pigs  (FNRI)
  Dietary protein intake and urinary excretion of calcium: a cross sectional study in a healthy Japanese population  (FNRI)
  The effect of different nitrogen sources from urea and ammonium sulfate on the spikelet number in Egyptian spring wheat cultivars on well watered pot soils  (STII)
  Effect of foliar application of urea on leaf yield and other yield components of mulberry  (PTRI)
  Effect of sources of nitrogen on growth and yield of hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens)  (FPRDI)
  Effect of time and rates of urea application on the yield of cotton.  (PCARRD)
  Effect of thyroxine on the nitrogenous end product of silkworm Bombyx mori L.  (STII)
  Effect of Urea, an Agrochemical on the Histology of Black Clam, Villorita cyprinoides  (STII)
  Effects of alum, urea and sodium tripolyphosphate on the physicochemical properties of mungbean, corn and cassava starches  (STII)
  Effects of foliar sprays of urea on the growth of calamandarin seedlings.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of the different techniques of foliar urea-N fertilization.  (PCARRD)
  Effects of two feeding frequencies and nitrogen sources on the growth performance of confined goats.  (PCARRD)
  Evaluation ofcertain food additives and contaminants  (FNRI)
  Fatty acids bounds to recombinant tear lipocalin and their role in Structural Stabilization  (STII)
  Feeding value of urea treated rice straw with limited supplementations to yearling heifers.  (PCARRD)
  Fermentable fibers or oligosaccharides reduce urinary nitrogen excretion by increasing urea disposal in the rat cecum  (FNRI)
  Fish meal vs copra meal in concentrate supplemented at two rates to urea-treated rice straw for cows in late lactation.  (PCARRD)
  Harvest treatments and fertiliser application affect transplant stress index of Pinus Radiata  (FPRDI)
  Hastening urea treatment of rice straw with either Gliricidia sepium or poultry manure.  (PCARRD)
  Higher crop yield with urea seen  (STII)
  High-protein diets in hyperlipidemia: effect of wheat gluten on serum lipids, uric acid, and renal function  (FNRI)
  Incorporation of urea and ammonia nitrogen into ileal and fecal microbial proteins and plasma free amino acids in normal men and ileostomates  (FNRI)
  The interaction of wool with cold urea solutions  (PTRI)
  Kinetics of plasma arginine and leucine in pediatric burn patients  (FNRI)
  Landiolol infusion during general anethesia does not prevent potoperative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing lung resection  (STII)
  LSRO report: assessment of nutrient requirements for infant formulas  (FNRI)
  Measurements of protein turnover in normal man using the end-product method with oral [N] glycine : comparison of single-dose and intermittent-dose regiments  (FNRI)
  Metabolism of nitrogenous compounds by ruminant liver  (FNRI)
  Miligram amount determination of thiol group with chloramine-T and chloramine-B  (FNRI)
  Milk production, butterfat content and bodyweight of lactating dairy cows fed with trace mineral supplement with urea (TMS+U)  (STII)
  [N]-labeled pea flour protein nitrogen exhibits good lleal digestibility and postprandial retention in humans  (FNRI)
  Nitrate leaching through climatologic water balance in a fertigated coffee plantation  (STII)
  Nitrogen fertilizer (N) leaching in a central pivot fertigated coffee crop  (STII)
  Optical fiber sensor for urea based on jackbean tissue  (PCHRD)
  Optical fiber sensor for urea based on jackbean tissue  (PCHRD)
  Plant nematode populations and tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) yield in fields plots treated with chicken dung, sawdust and urea  (STII)
  Postprandial changes in the content and composition of nonprotein nitrogen in human milk  (FNRI)
  Protein calculation from food diaries of adult humans underestimates values determined using a biological marker  (FNRI)
  Rates of urea production and hydrolysis and leucine oxidation change linearly over widely varying protein intakes in healthy adults  (FNRI)
  Reduction in dioxin emissions by the addition of urea as aqueous solution to high-temperature combustion gas  (STII)
  Regulation of glutaminase activity and glutamine metabolism  (FNRI)
  Response of C4-63 rice variety to various rates of urea and different distances of planting  (STII)
  Response of garlic to varying amounts of urea fertilizer  (STII)
  Response of granex onion to different levels of urea  (STII)
  Response of granex onion to different levels of urea  (STII)
  Response of green garlic to varying amounts of urea  (STII)
  Response of green onion to the different levels of ammonium sulfate and urea  (STII)
  Response of peta rice variety to varying levels of urea applied in the seedbed  (STII)
  Response of Taichung 31 variety of wheat to urea application  (STII)
  Response of wheat to urea application  (STII)
  Rose nutrition.  (PCARRD)
  Urea complexation of lumbang oil fatty acids  (PCHRD)
  Urea complexation of lumbang oil fatty acids  (PCHRD)
  Urea as a nitrogenous fertilizer for sugarcane  (ITDI)
  Urea as a protein supplement  (FNRI)
  Urea as a nitrogenous fertilizer for sugarcane  (STII)
  Urinary hydroxyproline and urea nitrogen excretion as indices of nutritional status  (STII)
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