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TITLE       Mainstreaming engineered-bamboo products for construction and furniture
CALL NO(S)      Fil(B) SB317.B2 R39 2012 /
MAIN AUTHOR      Razal, Ramon A.
ADDED ENTRY       Bantayan, Rosario B. , Alipon, Marina A. , Camacho, Sofronio C. , Villanueva, Ma. Magdalena B. , Palacpac, Aresna B. , Dolom, Priscila C. , Malab, Stanley C.
PUBLISHER      Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development, DOST / Forestry Development Center
PUBLICATION PLACE      Los BaƱos, Laguna
ISBN      9789715790611
PAGINATION/COLLATION      xix, 140 pages
CONTENTS      Introduction.-- The Engineered Bamboo project.-- Mainstreaming e-bamboo products - what is seeks to achieve.-- Imperative for converting bamboo poles into engineering products.-- Philippine Bamboo Resources for Engineered-Bamboo Products.-- Bamboo pole production.-- Status of Bamboo plantations.-- Bamboo stand Management, Harvesting and post-harvest operations for engineered-bamboo production.-- Clump management.-- Harvesting poles for engineered-bamboo production.-- Selection of culms.-- Timing of Harvest.-- Transporting of bamboo poles.-- Post-harvest treatment.-- Properties of Philippines bamboo poles.-- Chemical properties.-- Structure and anatomical properties.-- Physico-mechanical properties.-- Other characteristics of bamboo that influences its suitability for engineered bamboo products.-- length, straightness of pole, culm diameter and taper.-- Internode length and number of internodes per culm, culm wall thickness.-- Absence of defects on the surface of the bamboo poles.-- Age of bamboo.-- Manufacturing technologies for engineered-bamboo products.-- Material preparation technologies.-- converting bamboo poles into slats.-- Preservative treatment.-- Drying of bamboo.-- Gluing and assembly.-- Finishing of e-bamboo panels.-- Influence of manufacturing conditions the properties of e-bamboo products.-- Ensuring uniform thickness of slats and surface preparation.-- Treatments to improve resistance to biodeterioration.-- Gluing and assembly consideration.-- Drying to achieve favorable moisture content.-- Engineered-bamboo enterprises: status, promotion and development.-- Processors of Engineered-bamboo products.-- Initiatives for the development and promotion of engineered-bamboo enterprises in the Philippines.-- Value chain for Engineered-bamboo products.-- Looking into the future of bamboo.-- Bamboo's future in the construction and furniture industry.-- Making the most out of bamboo.-- Green vehicles with bamboo components.-- Bike and motor scooter with bamboo parts.-- Other non-traditional uses of bamboo.-- Creating an environment for a more competitive e-bamboo products industry.-- Policies that affect the bamboo resources: making them responsive to industry's needs.-- Formulating standards for more competitive e-bamboo products.-- Understanding what the market for e-bamboo products want.-- Developing a roadmap for the Philippine bamboo industry.
ANNOTATION      This books aims to meet two objectives: 1) To present a comprehensive understanding of the material side of engineered-bamboo products, such as raw materials requirements and whether the properties of locally available bamboo can meet such requirements; and 2) To provide information on the whole range of activities in bringing engineered-bamboo products to the market, from propagation, harvesting and processing and coordinating them in a way that would increase market confidence in their availability and quality.
SUBJECTS       Agriculture
   Bamboo products - Engineered - Philippines
   Forest products - Bamboo - Philippines
   Bamboo as furniture
   Furniture - Bamboo
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