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TITLE       Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir (pandakaki) as rice bug (Leptocorisa acuta) eradicator:an investigatory project entry to the 2005 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Phoenix, Arizona, USA May 8-14, 2005
CALL NO(S)      IP 234
MAIN AUTHOR      Galapia, D.B.
NOTE      2005 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
SCHOOL      Sinait National High School
PLACE      Sinait, Ilocos Sur
DATE      2005
ABSTRACT      The rice bug Leptocorisa acuta attacks rice plants during the milky stage resulting in the production of grains unfit for human consumption. Farmers use chemical pesticides against these bugs but they are often unaware of the residual effects of these chemicals to consumers and to the environment.

This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of using leaves and stems of Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir (locally known as pandakaki) in eradicating the rice bug during the milky stage of the rice cycle.

The stems and leaves of pandakaki were gathered, washed, and chopped into small pieces. From two kilograms (2kgs.) of these leaves and stems, 75ml of juice was extracted and collected into a beaker. Three hundred (300) rice bugs were also collected from the rice field using insect catching net and put in a jaw covered with cloth.

The study showed that pure pandakaki extract is as effective as the commercial pesticide in the eradication of the rice bugs since both caused almost the same mortality rate during the observation period. Cost-wise, pure pandakaki extract is cheaper, and considering ecological impacts, pure pandakaki extract is more environment-friendly than the chemical pesticide.
SUBJECTS       Botany - Rice
   Botany - pests and diseases
   Rice bug eradicator - Leptocorisa acuta
   Pandakaki as rice bug eradicator - Tabernaemontana pandacaqui poir
   Rice - Oryza sativa
   Rice - pests and diseases
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