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TITLE       A phytochemical survey of the UST pharmacy garden
CALL NO(S)      Fil(S) Q181 A811 /
PUBLICATION TITLE      Acta Manilana
ISSUE DATE      1976
ADDED ENTRY      Santos, Alfredo C.
ABSTRACT      The University of Sto. Tomas' Pharmacy Botanical Garden occupies an area of about one hectare. The first garden was established on October 10, 1932 to serve the needs of the students of Phannacy. It was destroyed during the war in 1941. A new garden was built and inaugurated on December 7, 1948.1 In it may be fowtd more than 500 species of medicinal and ornamental plants belonging to more than a hundred plant families. Recently there has been a renewed interest on the medicinal uses of Philippine plants. In a way, many of the present drug materials came from plants. To name a few are: morphine, known for its analgesh: and sedative properties and codeine widely used as sedative in cough preparations obtained from opiwn (Papaver sorrmi[erwn); reserpine, better known lDl.der the trade name Serpasil used in the treatment of hypertension, from species of Rawolfia; cocaine, a popular local anesthetic from Erythroxy~ and. caffei~e, from species of Co[fea, known for 1ts st1mulat1ng acuon on the central nervous system; and quinine from cinchona bark, a drug used in the treatment of malaria. The proposed training of "bare-foot" doctors for rural areas and establishment of barrio "botiquines" will further enhance the use of medicinal plants, There is therefore an urgent need for a compiled survey of the constituents of Philippine plants. A Philippine Pharmacopoeial monograph, which includes a good number of Philippine plants will soon be published by the National Research Council of the Philippines. A literature survey of the medicinal plants in the harmacy Garden will serve as a ready guide and reference material for graduate students and researchers interested on Philippine medicinal plants. In view of the foregoing, the writers have undertaken the present literature survey
SUBJECTS       Medicine
   Ust pharmacy garden
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