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TITLE       Anti-microbial assay of Spondias purpurea bark sap
CALL NO(S)      2003-37
MAIN AUTHOR      Escober, Karla Maryln Quero
ADDED ENTRY      Opinion, Renee Michelle Sabban
PLACE      Quezon City
DATE      2003
ABSTRACT      The bark sap of Spondias purpurea, or sineguelas, has been used for a long time as alternative medicine for diseases like ulcers. The group intends to find out whether sineguelas bark sap has anti-microbial/fungal properties that may provide a basis for its use as an alternative medicine. The group decided to test its effectiveness against a bacterium, Escherichia coli and a fungus, Trichoderma reesei. The group proposed to do the experiment of E.coli and T.reesei due to their availability. Solutions containing 50% and 100% bark sap were prepared. Eight cultures of E.coli were made; four were treated with 50% solutions and four with 100% solutions. Eight cultures of T. reesei were also made; four were treated with 50% solutions and four with 100% solutions. The Petri dishes were treated using the filter paper disc diffusion method, where one dips a filter paper disc into the solution and places it in the culture. The cultures were incubated and were observed for any signs of a zone of inhibition. Both tests yielded negative results. The bark sap is not effective in inhibiting the growth of E.coli and T.reesei. The group recommends that the study may be repeated with another microbe, such as S.aureus. Also, further studies could be done on finding out whether the effectiveness varies with the freshness of the bark sap.
SUBJECTS       Medical botany
   Spondias purpurea - Bark sap
   Spondias purpurea - antimicrobial assay
   Sineguelas bark sap
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