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TITLE       Composition, sensory quality, and acceptability of fresh and ripened cheeses made from skimmilk powder-coconut milk blends
CALL NO(S)      Fil(S) Q179.9 N32
PUBLICATION TITLE      NRCP Research Bulletin
VOLUME/ISSUE      42(1-4)
ISSUE DATE      Ja-D 1991
MAIN AUTHOR      Davide, Clara L.
ADDED ENTRY      Reforma, Cleofe P., Sarmago, Ione G., Pagsuberon, Giselle J., Fuentes, Portia A.
ABSTRACT      Fresh soft cheese spiced with garlic (Queso De Ajo) a well as one with starter and semihard ripened cheese of the Roquefort (Niyoblue) and Gouda types were developed from a cheaper blend of skimmilk powder and coconut milk. The quality and consumer's acceptability of these modified dairy products were evaluated in comparison with those similarly prepared from fresh cow's milk.

Gross composition of the dairy blend approximated that of fresh cow's milk similarly standardized to the same fat level. Curd formation and its subsequent handling prior to ripening gave no technological problem.

The new spiced and starter fresh soft cheese varieties made from the blend were found to be very nutritious and acceptable. Both have lower fat content than the traditional Kesong Puti or white soft cheese. Their composition, sensory quality, and consumer's acceptability were comparable with those of the control cheese made from fresh cow's milk.

Results also showed that coconut milk-skimmilk powder blend was highly suitable for making NIYOBLUE, a modified blue cheese having the characteristic blue venation and piquant flavor and aroma. It simulated the composition of blue-type cheese made from cow's milk but ripened within a much shorter time. Although its consumers acceptability was not as high as that made from cow's milk, this stronger flavored NIYOBLUE is a potential substitute for the extremely expensive Roquefort and other blue-type cheeses.

When formulated with 50% standardized fresh cow's milk, the coconut milk-skimmilk powder blend gave a Gouda-type cheese which ripened slower, developing sensory qualities quite inferior to the control Gouda made solely from a 100% standardized fresh cow's milk.

Results revealed that coconut milk-skimmilk powder blend is highly suitable as a cheesemilk for making Kesong Puti and Blue-type cheese for good sensory quality and high consumer's acceptability. For Gouda cheesemaking, however, the blend gave an inferior cheese which lacked the desirable characteristics of Gouda made from fresh cow's milk despite its partial blending with 50% fat-standardized fresh cow's milk.
SUBJECTS       Fresh and ripened cheeses
   Skimmilk powder-coconut milk blends
   Sensory quality
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