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TITLE       Cytogenetic abnormalities in Filipino colon and colorectal carcinoma patients
CALL NO(S)      Fil(S) Q149 P5N25 /
PUBLICATION TITLE      Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines
ISSUE DATE      2000
MAIN AUTHOR      Enriquez, Ma. Luisa D.
ADDED ENTRY      Tan, Irving , Lo, Ricardo W., Lorena, Pia Donna N., Natividad, Filipinas F.
ABSTRACT      cancer of the colon and rectum is a common and often fatal disease. It is one of the three leading causes of cancer mortality worldwide. There is a death of cytogenetic data on solid tumors such as colon and rectal cancer, primarily because of the inherent technical problems associated with these Studies. Identification of tumor specific chromosomal abnormalities, important determining clinical remission or relapse, was conducted. Tumor tissues, all described as adenocarcinomas by histopathological examination, were surgically removed from one colorectal and 8 colon patients (7 males and 2 females). Primary cultures were prepared and chromosomes were stained using the Typsin G. banding methods. Structural aberrations included 3p and 5p deletions. Numerical aberrations such as hypodiploids, polyploids, absence of the Y chromosome, and presence of marker chromosomes were also observed. Cytogenetic finding were correlated with histopathological and flow cytometry data as well as cancer stage using the TNM and duke's systems. Genetic abnormalities confirmed by flourescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH).
SUBJECTS       Social sciences
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