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      Diuretic potential and characterization of some secondary metabolites from Eleusine indica
CALL NO(S)      (T) RM377 C14 1996
MAIN AUTHOR      Camacho, Drexel Hilongos
DEGREE      Master of Science in Chemistry
UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE      De La Salle University
ADDRESS      Manila, Philippines
DATE      1996
ABSTRACT      The objective of the study is to fractionate and isolate secondary metabolites from Eleusine indica for the purpose of partially validating its reported diuretic property. Specifically it sought to test the diuretic activity in vivo of the crude extracts and the fractions thereof. To determine the type of diuretic present in the extract and to identify the diuretic component. The study also initiates a pool of secondary metabolites of the plant by obtaining relatively pure isolates for spectroscopic characterization.
SUBJECTS       Medicinal plants - Goosegrass (eleusine indica)
   Medicinal plants - diuretic potential
   Goosegrass (eleusine indica) - Pharmacological properties
   Goosegrass (eleusine indica) - diuretics
   Goosegrass (eleusine indica) - medicinal plant
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