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TITLE       Heat stress induces histopathological changes in lymphoid organs of broiler and Philippine native chickens
CALL NO(S)      NP
MAIN AUTHOR      Lola, Ma. Suzanneth G.
ADDED ENTRY      Paraso, Michelle Grace V. , Divina, Billy P. , Gobonseng, Delia A. , Bombio, Ariel M. , Collantes, Therese Marie A.
PUBLISHER      University of the Philippine – Los Baños
PUBLICATION PLACE      2/F Abelardo Samonte Hall University of the Philippines Los Baños College, Batong Malake, Los Baños Laguna, Philippines 4031
NOTE      downloaded from
ANNOTATION      This study was conducted to describe histopathologic changes in lymphoid organs of broiler and native chickens in response to heat stress. A total of 60 day-old broiler and native chicks were allocated in 3 treatment groups. The control group (T1) was exposed to ambient environmental temperature (AET); Treatment 2 (T2) was exposed to AET + ≈1°C; and T3 was exposed to AET ≈3°C. Each treatment was exposed to the required temperature for 7 hours from d 29 to 35 (AET = 29.8°C) and from d 43 to 49 (AET = 31.7°C). Results showed significant microscopic changes in the lymphoid deplation and lymphocytic degeneration in the germinal centers of the spleen. The thymus had minimal to mild degenerative changes mainly in the cell population of the modulla. The results also showed more pronounced microscopic changes in the Bursa of Fabricius and spleen of broiler chicks compared to native chicks. The degree of response to heat stress appears to be breed-dependent with the lymphoid organs of broiler chickens showing lesser adaptive capacity to withstand high temperature than the lymphoid organs of native chickens. (Authors' abstract)
SUBJECTS       Veterinary medicine
    heat stress
   Lymphoid organs
   Philippine native chicken
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