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TITLE       Hispathological investigations of dog fresh lumbar disc tranpkatation with cyclosporin a administration
CALL NO(S)      STII R97.7: N 57
PUBLICATION TITLE      The Nihon University Jounal of Medicine
VOLUME/ISSUE      43(4)
PAGINATION/COLLATION      179- 195 illus. 20 refs.
MAIN AUTHOR      Okawa, Akihiro
DATE      Ag 2001
ABSTRACT      Invertebral disc allografts have not been employed clinically for spinal surgical procedures. We examined the effect of cyclosporin A (CyA) on disc allogaft survival. Freshly removed dog intervertebral discs were transolanted into 15 adult mongrel dogs. Seven of th e15 dogs received CyA (15 mg/kg) everyday (treated group), and the other 8 animals were used as acontrols (non-treated group). The morphological changes in the transplanted disc were observed histologically and radiographically up to 32 weeks after transplantation. The vertbral disc was sectioned about 1 cm apart from the surface facing the disc on each side of the recipent dogs. At 22 weeks after tranplantation, about 30% of the chondocytes in the nucleus pulposus had degenerated in the treated group, wherears the rate in the control animals was about 50%. The pathological changes in both grooups were similar at 4 weeks post grafting. No rejction reaction was demonstrated cartilage of the disc in either group. A useful effect of CyA was demonstrated only in the bone marrow at the junction between the grafts failed to function. CyA was indirectly effective, although the graft and showed marked degenration. Further studies are needed to obtain viable disc grafts.
SUBJECTS       Medicine
   Intervertebral disc
   Animal model
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