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TITLE       Histopathological alterations and bioaccumulation in mussel perna viridis exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of cadmium
CALL NO(S)      F(S) SH1 F54 52/1 2015
PUBLICATION TITLE      Fishery Technology
VOLUME/ISSUE      52(1)
ISSUE DATE      2015 January
MAIN AUTHOR      Sreejamole, K.L.
ABSTRACT      Bioaccumulation of heavy metal, cadmium and its histolopathological effects on gills and hepatopancreas in the Indian green mussel Perna viridis were assessed on the basis of 96 h LC50. The mussels were exposed to sublethal concentrations of cadmium (0.01, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 ppm) for 21 days. The whole tissue of mussels was dried at 65oC for 72 h and was subjected to acid digestion and analysed for cadmium content using AAS. A dose and time dependent increase in accumulation of cadmium was observed for 15 and 21 days of exposure. Higher concentration (0.4 ppm) showed an abrupt increase in cadmium content compared to other lower concentrations. Histopathological analysis showed significant alterations in the structure of gills and hepatopancreas on cadmium exposure for 21 days. Loss of cilia, disruption of epithelial cells and hyperplasia were observed. Hepatopancreas showed bulging and enlargement of digestive tubule and disruption of collagenous layer.
SUBJECTS       Fisheries
   Perna viridis
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