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TITLE       Histopathology of the organs of broiler chickens exposed to flame and fumes of kerosene burning
CALL NO(S)      F(s) SF604 B8
PUBLICATION TITLE      Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa
VOLUME/ISSUE      58(3)
ISSUE DATE      2010
MAIN AUTHOR      Amakiri, A.O.
ADDED ENTRY      Owen, O.J., Iboh, I.I.
ABSTRACT      Histopathology of the organs of broiler chickens exposed to the flame and fumes of refined petroleum product kerosene at varying distances over a period of 16hrs daily for 56 days in a poultry house were evaluated. Kerosene burning was simulated in a designed burner.  Kerosene flame in a designed burner was placed 4, 8 and 12 meters from the birds respectively which represented treatments 1, 2 and 3 while treatment 4 was in another poultry house without flame and severed as control Proprietroy boiler starter and finisher diets were fed ad libitum. At the end of the 8th week, three birds per treatment were slaughtered by severing the jugular vein and the visceral organs (liver, lung, heart and kidney) were collected and grossly examined for size and lesions.  Histopathological observations of the organs of treated groups demonstrated various effects of inhaled kerosene fumes.  The lungs were most affected showing large carbon deposits (anthracosis) with various degrees of inflammation and necrosis in the liver, heart and kidney.
SUBJECTS       Broiler chickens
   Flame and fumes
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