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TITLE       Impact of Masagana 99 Program: a comparative analysis of programmed versus non-programmed farmers (Region IX).
PROJECT LEADER      Alvarez, Anicia A.
NOTE      Zamboanga City: WMSU, 1984. pp. 23-150. -(Study 1).
PROPONENT AGENCY      Zamboanga City: WMSU, 1984. pp. 23-150. -(Study 1).
ABSTRACT      The research focused on the impact of the Masagana 99 program on income and employment of small farmers in four provinces in Region IX. Comparisons were made on the socioeconomic profile, production, farm income changes on farm improvements realized, labor force utilization and attitudes toward improved technology among 104 programmed and nonprogrammed farmers. Participation and nonparticipation in the Masagana 99 loan package of technology and farm size were used as stratifying variables. Results indicate that the farmers of both program groups were cognizant of the M-99 program and the necessity of following the recommended cultural practices of scientific technology to accelerate and improve their farm productivity. However, actual rice yield was very much lower even for programmed farmers compared to the experimental production of the same rice varieties. Findings also showed that large production was equated by the farmer group to cash capital as a very necessary factor to increase crop yield.
SUBJECTS       Farmers
   Development programs
   Innovation adoption
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