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TITLE       Macroscopic and microscopic findings in the liver, gallbladded, spleen and kidneys of captive reticulated pythons (Python reticulatus, Schneider, 1801) (Reptilia: Pythonidae) with pneumonia
CALL NO(S)      NP
MAIN AUTHOR      Samaniego, Cherry Ann A.
ADDED ENTRY       Lola, Suzanneth G. , Pajas, Arville Mar Gregorio A. , Acorda, Jezie A. , Lastica, Emilia A.
PUBLISHER      University of the Philippines Los Baņos
PUBLICATION PLACE      University of the Philippines, Los Baņos, Laguna
NOTE      downloaded from
ANNOTATION           The macroscopic and microscopic findings in the liver, gallbladder, spleen and kidneys of 12 reticulated pythons with pneumonia were described through gross and histopathological examinations. Gross findings in the liver observed were lesions on the surface (milliary white nodules and adhesions) and within the parenchyma of the organ. The gallbladder had a circumference of 15.71 ± 4.75 cm and length of 6.28 ± 2.01 cm. Gross lesions in the kidneys include congestion, thickened capsule and web-like adhesions. Twenty-five percent of the animals were found to have spleen that was irregularly shaped, oblate-spheroid organs with varying discolorations. Histopathological examination revealed signs of hepatitis, nephritis and nephrosis, splenitis and hyperplasia of the pseudostratified epithelium of the gallbladder. Significant histopathologic findings include presence of visceral larva migrans in the liver and kidneys, granuloma formation, presence of intracytoplasmic eosinophilic round inclusion bodies within the hepatocytes and renal tubule as well as presence of lipid vacuoles and cholesterol crystals in the splenic parenchyma. Macroscopic and microscopic findings suggest that presence of lesions in other organ systems is highly likely in snakes with pneumonia. (Author's abstract)
SUBJECTS       Veterinary medicine
   Reticulated python
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