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TITLE       The Philippine endemic stick-insect genus Obrimusstal, 1875 (Phasmalodea: heteropterygidae: obrimini)
CALL NO(S)      Fil Q149.P5 N25
PUBLICATION TITLE      Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology
VOLUME/ISSUE      28(1)
ISSUE DATE      2006
MAIN AUTHOR      Lit, Ireneo L. , Jr.
ADDED ENTRY      Eusebio, Orlando L.
ABSTRACT      Studies on Philippine stick insects have recently gained considerable interest from many parts of the world, especially with the recent tide of discoveries of new species and genera. Among Philippine stick insects, the tribe Obrimini stands out as being endemic at a suprageneric level. As a contribution to the systematics of this group and to the documentation of Philippine terrestrial arthropod biodiversity, a taxonomic review of the genus Obrimus Still, 1875 was conducted. Six species, including two possibly new ones, are described and illustrated. They are Obrimus bicolanus Rehn & Rehn (Isarog), Obrimus bulo (Westwood), Obrimus sp.t ex Northern Sierra Madre, Obrimus sp. 2 ex Southern Luzon, Obrimus mesoplatus (Westwood) and Obrimus uichancoi Rehn & Rehn (Greater Sipit Watershed, Mt. Makiling). The differences of these species lie in the pattern of their armature which consists mainly of spines and tubercles. All species are of narrow endemic distribution and may be possible candidates for listing as threatened or vulnerable species, considering the rapid destruction of forest habitats and their current status as among favorites of hobby collectors in Europe and other advanced countries.
SUBJECTS       Biological sciences
   Stick-insect genus obrimus
   Philippine endemic anthropods
Copyright (C) 2002 The Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (SCINET-PHIL)